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Rick's Rant - Tim Hortons

#Minimum Wage #Comedy
Rick’s Rant for January 16th, 2018.

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Wage debate aside. I haven't gone to a Tim's in years as the quality of the beverages and food slowly dropped while the prices went up. At a certain point somethings gotta give... Except for the name that company hasn't been Canadian for a long time. I still roll my eyes when people claim it to be the same old Canadian staple...no its changed and so have I.

by SAAB&DUB 3 years ago

Minimum wage is saying..."We would pay you less if we could legally get away with it"

by Cynthia Douglas 3 years ago

doubtful...remember when Nestle said water wasn't a human right?
I'm still seein' a lot of Nestle products on the shelves...

by Nostalgia Chubby 3 years ago

I wont be surprised if Tim Hortons goes the way of future shop in 15 years

by Gallant 3 years ago

Come on.. how the hell do you expect them to give themselves a year end bonus if they go around paying the help what it's worth?

by New Message 3 years ago

Man, the man is nON STOP-

by colbi 1 year ago

-Could you survive on minimum wage?
-No, and I don't recommend trying.
-I'm using my opposable thumbs, give me more money dammit!

by ObsidianBehemoth 3 years ago

My best friend works at Tim's and she was so baffled when the Coburg story hit the news. She told me she hasn't been getting paid breaks since last October. She's a shift manager, worked there full time for two years now. Still makes minimum wage. And don't even talk about the shit benefits she gets.

by Emily Janet 3 years ago

I'll give a grandmother a t-bag! Oops did I say that out loud? lol

by Grizzly 3 years ago

I drink kicking horse, kick ass coffee, not the crap Tim Hortons makes. I do however miss the old Timmies, when the donuts tasted great and the air was filled with the smell of burning cigarettes.

by Shawn Bechard 3 years ago

I work there.. it’s fun at times :’)

by Cynthia Veer 3 years ago

Expect lots of automation coming for Tim hortons and other fast food chains in the future.

by Jarod 1999 1 year ago

Gonna by my own Coffee makers for home and work... Bye-bye Tim Hortons... 😜

by Ducati Dude 3 years ago

They've lost my $15 a day. Since early December I've been patronizing another coffee provider, one that gives away their coffee for 4 months of the year, every eighth one is free, they give senior discounts, never screw up my coffee and they have carrot muffins, which Tim's never did have. Yep, best decision ever was to never give time hortons any of my hard earned money ever again. $5400.00 a year in lost sales from just one customer! 😂

by scottbogfoot 3 years ago

Always fresh-ly heated Tim Hortons!

by Ed 3 years ago

I'm done with Tim Hortons. Thanks Rick!

by D.R. W 3 years ago

Amen Rick, thank you for this!

by VeeKee 3 years ago

The Tim Hortons beside my home has terrible service and quality... the joy of going to this place has slowly evaporated

by Iliya 3 years ago

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