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Apple Watch Series 6 vs Series 5 - Everything Compared!

#Apple watch 6 review #long term review #Blood oxygen sensor test #loop band #Science & Technology
Is the Series 6 Apple Watch actually worth it compared to the Series 5? What's been improved? We compare EVERYTHING and let you know which one you should buy and if you should upgrade!
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Apple has finally released their new Apple Watch Series 6 and in this video, we compare basically everything including the displays, the exterior differences, the features, the brightness and much more!
There's also the Apple Watch SE which we already purchased and will be comparing to the Series 6 and Series 3 very soon!
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Timestamps ⬇️
Introduction - 00:00
Comparing Chargers & Packaging - 00:51
First Impressions of RED - 2:05
Design Differences - 2:40
Display Brightness Compared - 3:50
Performance Comparison - 6:40
Similarities - 6:52
S6 Exclusives - 7:32
Blood Oxygen Test - 8:16
Should You Upgrade? - 8:54
Should You Buy S5 or S6? - 10:22
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Max Tech photo 1 Apple Watch Series 6 vs... Max Tech photo 2 Apple Watch Series 6 vs... Max Tech photo 3 Apple Watch Series 6 vs... Max Tech photo 4 Apple Watch Series 6 vs...

Is it worth spending $100 more on the Series 6 instead of a discounted 5, or is it worth upgrading? Let us know what YOU think!
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by Max Tech 1 month ago

“There are a lot of similarities but also some differences” oh really? You don’t say.

by Dustin Leone 1 month ago

BTW. the always on display extra brightness was explicitly said to be for “outside use”, so yeah it definitely has to do with the ambient light sensor. - Also, 2.5x brighter, if measured in absolute brightness which you would imagine, is far from the same as 2.5x perceived brightness, since we perceive brightness logarithmically

by Casper S� 1 month ago

Your comparison showed me that I, personally, am buying the discounted Series 5. Plus it has the $20 charger! 😂 Thank you, MaxTech.

by Cool One 1 month ago

Go outside for the always on display being brighter

by Nico Carone 1 month ago

I guess its an optical illusion but to my eyes the stainless steel watch looks bigger!

by Allan Ø.N. 1 month ago

U1 chip in the further will unlock your car and work with AitTags too.

by RedDust 1 month ago

They CLEARLY said brighter in sunlight for always on display.

by Jason McCray 1 month ago


by moldyoreo 1 month ago

Comes to something when you're comparing empty boxes...Crikey.

by Gareth Croft 1 month ago

A great video as always. You're the best, guys!

by Habib Díaz 1 month ago

I saw the new series 6 at the Apple store today & the brightness difference is noticeable when I compared it to my Series 5 & even in this video you can see it too. The Apple employee there said the brightness is more noticeable outdoors, but since the store is very well lit, he was able to show me the difference inside. I walked out of the store with it on in the sun & definitely noticed it too. The Series 6 seems to also have a better color depth than the older watches. The whites are more white & the other colors are more rich in general. I traded mine in anyways considering there wasn’t much of a difference because I wanted a cellular version & to upgrade from an aluminum to a steel watch.

by Blake 1 month ago

can we get a comparion video of the SE vs S5. since theyll be around the same price

by lplt 1 month ago

The 2.5x brighter screen is when you’re outside... not indoors

by Austin Ryder 1 month ago

The blood oxygen meter is beneficial not just for allergies and asthma, but COVID-19, COPD, heart failure, kidney failure, and much much more. Especially when considering machine learning and background checks, even when you are asleep.

by GDar 1 month ago

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