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among us but we talk ALL game

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among us but we talk ALL game
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by mau 1 week ago

The guy who recommended this in the last video is really lucky

by Rxinzz. 1 week ago

Among us idea: everyone put there names as someone else so it confuses people

by Aidan_ 13 1 week ago

New Among Us idea: Youโ€™re the impostor , but you can only kill people that think youโ€™re sus. Could be hard but fun!

by Toby Burks 1 week ago

Mau: okay can we just not scream over each other!?

Me: wait, Coppa Mikoly has being doing that since they were first in Mau's videos

by Jack Beardsley 1 week ago

coppa is the type of person that would just randomly scream a swear word no matter what.

by -_- 1 week ago

Among us idea: similar to this, but you can talk all game apart from in voting sequences

by NotJxrz25 1 week ago

The screaming is so contagious I almost wanted to scream where was the body

by Nicolas Massara 1 week ago

We can talk all game okay



by NoLxve0nBTD 1 week ago

Mau I just learned abt this but among us imposters and crewmates actually have a backstory. On the Polus map in speciman room you see the parasites in big vials, or large glass pills. In the laboratory, theres broken glass next to the table below the telescope on the side where the sample task is. That indicates a broken vial, which was carrying one or two of those parasites. Depending on how many imposters you have, is how many crewmates were handling that vial with the parasite, or parasites. When they drop the vial, the parasites enter those crewmates, to then turn them into "shapeshifters", as the creators say the imposters are. Thats where they get their names. When the crewmatrs get infected by the parasites, they trash the bathroon bleow before hopping into the hole to escape. Later, when walking into speciman from Office, they look out the window to see snowman crewmates around a dead snowman, which then makes the imposters think killing is right. Somewhere in the map, theres a "See something, say something!" Poster, I dunno if its on polus or another map, which lets the crewmates know when to report a dead body, why and how. So then the game starts :P. Another fun fact is that the kill cooldown is actually a digestive system cooldown, because no matter what whenever the imposter kills, the crewmate never has the top half of his or her body, its just the lower half. I could epxlain a lot more but I won't make your eyes bleed anymore to whoever is reading this ;^; btw this is also on tiktok so u can search up "Among us Backstory" and it'll most likely pop up in several different ways

by CrimsonMidnight 1 week ago

this was the funniest among us video Iโ€™ve ever seen just Mikoly and Coppa constantly accusing each other got me wheezing

by beatriz 1 week ago

i swear, that among us with mau just makes my day

by Rand al'Thor 1 week ago

I LOVE his intro because it seems like I am going to watch a cartoon or a reality show

by Xxavius DeLeon 1 week ago

โ€œWhat is the better game?โ€

Like: Among Us
Reply: Fortnite

(Stay safe and positive!)

by 1 sub before 2021? 1 week ago

mikoly: yeah vote me out idc
everyone: ok
mikoly: wAiT nOnonoNo

by Ellie 1 week ago

I love how everytime he accuses daymoo, daymoo just says nothing and is like, "Shit, i know what's about to happen"

by SK Gaming 1 week ago

To the Early Squad thatโ€™s reading this:

Youโ€™re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy ๐Ÿ’œ

My Dream is to have 14k. I been struggling to get thereโค

by Subbing to everyone who subs to me! 1 week ago

I swear every time mau wins at imposter he does that annoying laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Caleb Thatcher 1 week ago

Video idea: Among us but everyone is imposter and the imposter don't know who is the crew mate and the crew mate is trying to survive

by Tripletype 1 week ago

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