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The Craziest Food Myths Debunked

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Thanks to the internet and its ability to spread information in an instant, our social media feeds are chock full of dubious claims, and nothing seems to spread faster than horror stories about our favorite food and drinks. As unbelievable as these stories may seem, they gain steam as they get thousands of outraged "likes" and retweets, and since fact-checking seems to have fallen out of favor these days, these urban legends live on. Let's get to the bottom of the craziest food myths floating around online...
Killer bananas | 0:27
Coke-driven pork worms | 1:02
Bloody chocolate milk | 1:50
Plastic margarine | 2:33
Doomsday Twinkies | 3:12
Red Bull's secret ingredient | 3:52
Never-rotting McDonald's burgers | 4:34
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What's the weirdest food myth you've ever heard?

by Mashed 2 years ago

Lol, "one molecule away from plastic".
Uh, yeah, kinda, but table salt is the combination of an explosive metal and a poisonous corrosive gas, so what the hell is your point?

by Atlas WalkedAway 2 years ago

Haven't heard of any of these myths till today ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Nacho TV 2 years ago

About the McDonald's food; I knew that from the movie Super Size Me!

by JoshKeatonFan 2 years ago

Proving once again people be stupid and will believe any thing

by jd7680? z 2 years ago

About the Taurine in Red Bull. "Oh it's something man-made, not something all-natural? Whew! Relief off my mind!" lol

by FanfareT.Loudest 2 years ago

Number 1: Ketchup is 1% tomato

by Slifer 00 2 years ago

look at haggis... come on itโ€™s brilliant

by XtremeMurr720 1 year ago

One time when I was about 10, I ate four large bananas at once. Turns out I was 2 bananas from killing myself. Yay for my aching stomach to get to stop me from eating anything after the 4th banana for a while.

by Coconut Pal 2 years ago

Lmao I have NEVER heard that chocolate milk one!

by baronvg 2 years ago

So, does chocolate milk come from brown cows?

by macsnafu 2 years ago

Wait, wait, wait! Parasites in pork are still a real threat. When I was a student taking a zoology course, we dissected a pig that had ascaris worms in its intestines. They are about as thick as a pencil and a dozen or more are wrapped around each other. They absorb much of the nutrition from food and can lead to the animal's death. Humans can get this infection. Remember the North Korean defector who had to be hospitalized? He had this as well as other issues.

Another problem with pork is the potential for trichinosis. These are parasites that invade the body and in small amounts may not be noticeable. But there was a case a few years ago in Florida where a supermarket decided to make more money by adding ground pork to its hamburger meat (that customers expected to be pure beef) and a purchaser made rare hamburgers (that her husband liked) that were not heated to a high enough temperature to kill the parasites. Her husband died as a result.

So please, do not tell us that pork is safe unless it is thoroughly cooked. That is best measured with a thermometer .

by J Stephens 2 years ago

Lie we have sone the twinky test after 6 months they are still perfectly fresh

by Doug Palmer 2 years ago

Out of all of the known fruits and vegetables, bananas are number 85 in the amount of potassium it contains.

by BILL PAXTON 2 years ago

I guess that "Soylent Green" flavored chips aren't real either. I am disappointed.

by Charles Smith 2 years ago

I was hoping this video would cover plastic rice and plastic lettuce. Seen enough videos of people believing because the lettuce isn't going up in flames it's fake, smh.

by Mag Movies 2 years ago

Most of these so called "myths" I believe are made up. We all know all man made foods will sooner or later expire. Even bottled water has an expiration date.

by Doamino41 2 years ago

Situation drive mean some appointment thanks print exhibit if tribal.

by lars de smet 2 years ago

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