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Fast Food Myths You Probably Fell For

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Few industries have spawned as many myths and urban legends as fast food. The idea that you can order your meal and be eating it within minutes is already a bit suspicious. So let's take a crack at debunking some of the myths you've probably heard โ€” and might still believe!
Taco Bell's "meat" | 0:16
KFC and the crazy chickens | 1:02
Anti-military Starbucks | 1:42
Deep-fried whatever | 2:33
Wendy's chili "meat" | 3:26
Arby's liquid meat | 4:05
Chinese takeout mystery meat | 4:36
McDonald's "100% beef" ingredients | 5:13
McDonald's fake eggs | 5:55
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So now you know the truth... did we miss any fast food myths?

by Mashed 3 years ago

I thought I turned on my adblocker

by Odel Trainz 3 years ago

Brought to you by taco bell and kfc

by Andrew Chai 2 years ago

oh yes use info sources from company themselves, that'll convince em

by asd f 3 years ago

"Snopes" lol...like that a really credible source for ANYTHING...

by John Campbell 1 year ago

The chili is just overcooked pattys that are [roccesed and put into the chily

by Crimson Otaku 2 years ago

I feel like you didn't actually address the "Grade D Meat" concern.

by OneNewHope 2 years ago

It's healthier just to skip fast food overall.

by KNRR 2 years ago

Wendys chilly meat is old leftover meat on god ๐Ÿ˜‚

by CIA 1 year ago

Don't believe everything you hear people do your own research

by Paul Lucas 2 years ago

Has anyone ever seen a Starbucks commercial on tv?.

by Rk9 3 years ago

I was eating a stack of pancakes when I heard "Something's not stacking up"

by Visploo 2 years ago

Sponsored by KFC, Taco Bell, and McDonald's

by Eden Chan 3 years ago

I don't think veterans come home expecting free coffee from Starbucks

by TheMastergabe 1 year ago

Lol we've had starbucks on every base I've been on.

by Greed23 2 years ago

Notice how they kinda skipped over the rat one without explaining it

by Ray Leonardi 2 years ago

I worked at Wendys back in highschool in the 90s. the Chili meat is nothing more than the meat that was left on the grill and was unable to be sold. It was put in the fridge and the next morning it was boiled cut up and cooked in the chili.

by worlock1422 3 years ago

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