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Exclusive Clip | Loki | Disney+

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Loki, an Original Series from Marvel Studios, is coming May 2021 to #DisneyPlus.
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Loki is only villain that everyone wishes to stay alive.

by Vedang Kulkarni 1 month ago

Thanos: No resurrections this time
Loki: Starts laughing
Thanos: I am inevitable
Loki: Starts laughing
Thanos: Dies twice
Loki: Starts laughing

by Im So Ninja 3 weeks ago

I hope they would explore Loki's Frost Giant power in this series. It's so underused.

by F IS 3 weeks ago

Loki: "Come on... What did you expect?"
Wanda: "We don't know what to expect."

by Pouya Mahmoudi 3 weeks ago

I hope Cap will get to visit here! 👍

by AA VFX 4 weeks ago

All this because they made Hulk take the stairs.

by 860 psycho 1 month ago

In the plane, he was literally disguised as Tom Hiddleston

Edit: Whoa! When’d this get so many likes? 😂

by Wanda Maximoff 3 weeks ago

Thanos: No resurrections this time
Loki: Its rewind time

by Ben Ar 4 days ago

I loved that D.B cooper scene, he was never found because hes not from earth, and the scattering money in the air when he jumped explains why it was found on the beach. Marvel never misses the details.

by Lionardo Retardio 4 weeks ago

omg Loki isn't even out yet and there's already a second season

by lonely bird 1 week ago

Getting all this marvel content is so weird, feels like we are in 2016 again. but i dig it

by AkashLegoProductions 1 month ago

Thanos in Endgame: I am Inevitable

Loki in alternate 2012: Hold my tesseract.

by Grace's Adventures 3 weeks ago

Let’s be honest, it’s not your first time here

by Loki Odinson 2 weeks ago

Given Loki's unfair ending in Infinity War, getting his own show is something we all need!

by wiinterflowers 3 weeks ago

Its feels like Loki is more powerful than Thor
after his 4-5 next deaths

LOKI will be alive

by Shridev Shetty 2 weeks ago

Never thought I would see Owen Wilson in the MCU. Love it.

by Mr. Krepshus 1 month ago

If Loki ever gets recasted I will never forgive Marvel

by Hesti Kleynhans 2 weeks ago

Remember that one time Thor's brother died...? and... that other time... and the one after that?

Well he's back.

by SpellMender 3 weeks ago

Glad to see a Marvel series that has a villain in the lead role.

by swayam rajput 2 weeks ago

Loki: What did you expect?
Wanda: We don’t know what to expect.

by Lil SpiderMan 3 days ago

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