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Talking Tech and Holograms with Mark Zuckerberg!

Marques Brownlee photo 1 Talking Tech and Holograms with... Marques Brownlee photo 2 Talking Tech and Holograms with... Marques Brownlee photo 3 Talking Tech and Holograms with... Marques Brownlee photo 4 Talking Tech and Holograms with...

Zuckerberg's video quality and setup make Marques look like a rookie.

by TechTalkTV 1 month ago

Zuckerburgs mind during that call: "Don't blink horizontally. Humans blink vertically. I must blend in."

by Philip Anthony 1 month ago

No one can convince me that I didn't just watch a Turing Test.

by 13assa 1 month ago

Zuck's video quality and lighting are really good. Look out Marques, lol.

by This is Tech Today 1 month ago

Lmaooooo Zuckerberg one of the most chillest lizards I've seen on youtube

by mr.69 yo moma 1 month ago

Plot twist: he already knew all the questions that marques was gonna ask

by saisai dreamyn 1 month ago

Mark Zuckerberg's least awkward vid appearance yet. He's not seemingly nervous anymore

by N N 1 month ago

Plot twist: Markโ€™s video is created with AI. It was just a test of his new product XD

by Mahi Rahman 1 week ago

Fun fact: The Zuckerberg in this video is the hologram

by Mitten Squad 1 month ago

"I don't know what Apple and others are working on..." Yeah right

by Joshua Enahoro 2 weeks ago

Zuck: "...when i wake up in the morning..."
Me: "oh you mean, when you disconnect yourself from charger in the morning"

by MP-Tuners Productions 1 month ago

"Alright Mark, what's up man?"
"It's good!"
Ah boy, and we're off....

by aiRCoft 1 month ago

Marques talks to the most realistic CGI ever.

by bilishu aliss 1 month ago

The new Zuck 2.0.5 update is amazing.

by Momd 1 month ago

I feel like I should be paying to see this

by Marios 1 month ago

Zuckerberg's expressions when MKBHD called him the "co-founder" of Facebook. XD

by Umar Munir 3 weeks ago

whatever technology comes out all I can imagine right now are ads ruining my experience.

by Machado Peak 1 month ago

"One day we will be able to snap and have a deck of cards in our hands"...

David Blaine- "You bastards!"

by Revolution Uprise 1 month ago

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