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Markiplier photo 1 THE PERFECT WINNING STRATEGY |... Markiplier photo 2 THE PERFECT WINNING STRATEGY |... Markiplier photo 3 THE PERFECT WINNING STRATEGY |... Markiplier photo 4 THE PERFECT WINNING STRATEGY |...

Everyone else playing Fall Guys, Mark out here playing battleship.

by Jack H 1 month ago

Wade: Trying to play the game
Bob and Mark: Unknowingly shouting out nuclear launch codes

by BritishEcho 1 month ago

My math teacher: its very simple, all you need to do is add the 1
Me: looks away for one second
My math teacher:

by Tam Tam 1 month ago

Mark: My memory is impeccable.

Also Mark: *Doesn't remember the switched Uno card a second after*

by Nat In Black 1 month ago

Bob: *starts fruit level*

Mark:*starts speaking enchantment table language*

by Aro algezion 1 month ago

when you didn't study for the test but it's all multiple choice.

by Dylan Davies 1 month ago


Mark: doing his daily dose of dancing to the theme song!

by Prachi Patel 1 month ago

Markiplier slightly dancing should replace al loading screens forever.

by GarretOakamber 1 month ago

Wall: Has gone up only two inches

Wade: "DuDe I MaDe it oVeR ThE WaLL At LIkE MAX HEIGHT!"

by That Perfection 1 month ago

"The perfect winning strategy" you say?
So I guess
another title
could be

"This is the greatest plaaaaaan!"

by Master-Of-Dreams 1 month ago

"Literally giving you the right answers!" If Wade had listened to Mark he would have lost. Because he was saying the bottom was O A, when it was A O...

by Jared Gillenwater 1 month ago

Mark went from “I’m not gna even try to remember anything at all” last video to “obga,obga,obGA,OBGA,AGAAAAAAA”

by Evan H 1 month ago

hey mark did you know youre in "Space Farmers"? you're character has a pink mustache, brown hair, glasses, and a black shirt with a red M on it. His name is Wilford Warfstache. Sounds like you?

by Chicken • Fox 1 month ago

Everyone: The yellow team meme is just a joke, no one actually cares and yellow doesn't throw the game. Yellow can win
Me: I refer you to this video. People do take it seriously, and I for one am sick of it.

by James Dinius 1 month ago

Mark: Grooves to music
lixian: "Im about to end my whole computer"
picks every editing option
ay at least mark got content

by Insta-Tech 1 month ago

Most of the games
MARK: chilling yelling
Fruit game
MARK:A,b,g,g,o! G! OTS G WHERE IS G!?!?

by Chloe Neville 1 month ago

"hey can I have the wifi password?"
"yeah its on the back of the router"
the back of the router:

by grilled cheese 1 month ago

Mark & Bob: screaming letters
Wade: mutes headphones

by Zahvik 1 month ago

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