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THE NEW NETHER UPDATE... | Minecraft - Part 9

Markiplier photo 1 THE NEW NETHER UPDATE... |... Markiplier photo 2 THE NEW NETHER UPDATE... |... Markiplier photo 3 THE NEW NETHER UPDATE... |... Markiplier photo 4 THE NEW NETHER UPDATE... |...

Mark: “I got a bucket of water so I can survive this jump”
[In the Nether]

oh my sweet summer child

by dasani water bottle 1 week ago

Mark: Tries to catch himself with water in the NETHER
Literally everyone watching: no no nO NO NO NO NO-

by FruitRollup 1 week ago

Mark: tries to do the water landing thing in the nether

Me: Haha, he’s in trouble.

by Shelby Anderson 1 week ago

Old time fans: we've done this before, and we're not doing that again.

by Your Sleep Paralysis Demon 1 week ago

Mark: doesn’t want criticism from minecraft elites

Also Mark: “Why didn’t you stop me from being stupid?!”

by Julian Fan 6 days ago

Mark: “I’m not stupid” Me: “I’m not calling you stupid but... attempting to place WATER in literal hell is kinda unreasonable”

by Nobody really 1 week ago

Everyone when mark tried to mlg water bucket for the first time, in the nether: 😬

by Ayden Goolsby 1 week ago

Any horror game: “I’m Scary”

Minecraft: “Hold my strength potion.”

by Chiaki Nanami 1 week ago

Could you imagine Markiplier on the Hermitcraft Server?
Day Three:
Xiuma: Defeats Ender Dragon
Cub: Builds 1:1 scale Pyramid of Giza
Tango: Builds ravager powered Iron Farm
Markiplier: I neeeeed woooooood!!!

by RequiemPoete 1 week ago

Mark: “I dunno if there’s like nether diamonds”
Me: So close but so far

by IToons 1 week ago

Mark at the edge of a cliff in the nether with a bucket of water: “I’ve seen some people-“

Me already: MARK NO

by Frickis McDickens 1 week ago

Mark: not crouching beside a ledge/lava

My body: haha, heart go brrrrrrr

by Magical Lama129 1 week ago

Everyone else playing minecreaft: * builds cool stuff and has fun *

Mark playing minecraft: Re:Starting Life in a New World

by Vi Hj 1 week ago

Mark: “I don’t know many insults that aren’t based off of curse words... you pause poop sniffer.”

Mark in 2014-2015: All the swear words lmao

by Meg Elizabeth 6 days ago

At this point we should all just accept that Mark’s playthrough is just gonna be one massive trainwreck

by Funny Bunny 1 week ago

Mark: I've seen people do this
Also Mark: I've got a bucket of water to survive the fall
*Mark Dies*
Me: Welp, There goes your hard work... But hey you found you r way back...

by Yousaf Adnan 1 week ago

Mark and Lixian in Scary Games: OooaAAAH, gosh.

Mark and Lixian in Minecraft with a degrading tree: "DEAD SILENCE"

by Peter Vinogradov 1 week ago

Mark, to the piglins: Why are you attacking me? stop that?
Also Mark: why is there so much gold?! its useless!

by Izzy Billings 3 days ago

Mark: "I have learned the ways of the masters"

Dream: *Laughs in Speedrun

by TheSith05 1 week ago

Mark: There's a thing you can do with a bucket of water...
Literally everyone: OH NOOOOOOOOO

by Dzar The Demon 1 week ago

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