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STILL NOTHING TO SEE HERE | There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension - Part 2

Markiplier photo 1 STILL NOTHING TO SEE HERE... Markiplier photo 2 STILL NOTHING TO SEE HERE... Markiplier photo 3 STILL NOTHING TO SEE HERE... Markiplier photo 4 STILL NOTHING TO SEE HERE...

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by thedok. 1 month ago

Guys I'm starting to think that there's a game.

by Sou Desunee 1 month ago


- Markiplier 2020

by Yasuno Tsukuda 1 month ago

This should be titled “markiplier failing to understand a puzzle clone of legend of zelda

by james Birkett 3 weeks ago

Holy crap! I thought the whole 'crowd funding fail' thing the narrator mentioned was just in universe, not actually what happened!! And yet he made the game anyway?! Holy crap!

by Tassadar2186 1 month ago

Mark's imitation of the Game's "The shape of this map is strange." had me go back to see if I actually saw Mark talk. That was spot on. Kinda creepy.

by Neos 1 month ago

You say when you're doing this the most inefficient way possible.

by Meowkitty Meowmeow 1 month ago

Mark: The cereal that melts and crunches. That's really cool

Also Mark. Slowly losing his mind to the music of the add.

by Randa Wolf 1 month ago

this is not a comment

seriously, there is nothing here

stop reading, this is not a comment


if you are reading this, have some tea ☕

by chlep 7 hours ago

I don’t know why I enjoyed watching a black screen with no game for an hour and a half

by Alex P. 1 month ago

"Its like riding a bike...without the seat" never heard something so bold. But true XD

by First Last 1 month ago

Map: gets complete
Mark: Nobody would've got that

by milkthebigboi 3 weeks ago

Mark: what a baby

Mark playing among us: THE BABYYY

by Ahmed Ahyaf 1 month ago

This non-existant game is just taking a piss at RPG games and it's accurate as hell

by Trishiee V 1 month ago

Congratulations everyone who did see this, you just watched nothing for an hour.

by ABCisAWESOME 1 month ago

I swear I thought Markiplier had already uploaded part 3, and came back here to look for it, so imagine my confusion and disapointment to relise that I was wrong and that he has not play this game since two weeks ago. I hope he play this game- I mean, "no-game" again since I really enjoy this series!💜

by Azul Paloma 3 weeks ago

Me: Oh look the map looks like a key!
some time later
Mark: Oh! I would have never got that, they probably had to add his comment because no one got it"
Me: I-

by Kittycatcuttie 3 weeks ago

oh god, when Mark repeated "the shape of this map is strange" I legitimately had to do a double take because I though Game was the one who said it.

by Ryan Munson 3 weeks ago

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