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Moving Out has never been more stressful and this new game from the makers of Overcooked replicates that experience perfectly..
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Markiplier photo 1 EVERYONE IS AN IDIOT EXCEPT... Markiplier photo 2 EVERYONE IS AN IDIOT EXCEPT... Markiplier photo 3 EVERYONE IS AN IDIOT EXCEPT... Markiplier photo 4 EVERYONE IS AN IDIOT EXCEPT...

When Mark picked the gecko avatar, I got my gecko out if his tank to watch this with me. I want him to have positive role models.

by Keith Lopez 6 months ago

As a mover, I can confirm this game's accuracy. Sometimes you gotta break a window to get the job done.

by Boog 6 months ago

People before: "This game is crap"
Markiplier: "I like this game"
People now: "This game is not crap"

Obey the king.

by xTristanxThexGamerx 6 months ago

Mark jokes about Onlyfans but let's face it, that's just all UnusAnnus is. 😂

by Robert Muggeridge 6 months ago

Bob: “spoken like a true cult leader”

Mark: no wait-


by Gwenaroni macaroni 6 months ago

When you realize that the instructional tape was recorded over someone's wedding

by Cell VA 6 months ago

Teacher: Mark, where's your homework?

Mark: The dog ate it

Teacher: Bob...

by Pumpkin Spice Spooder 6 months ago

"We just got a letter, we just got a letter, we just got a letter, I wonder who it's from?"


by }{y 6 months ago

Bob's character's claps syncing with Mark's outro music is adorable

by CrouTheBlackwing 6 months ago

Bob: *went to lawschool*
Bob: *is funny*
Bob: "God I wish lawyers had senses of humor"

by Lauren Hofreiter 6 months ago

Bob: Packer?
Mark: I was thinking "Pucker"
Me: And I was thinking... a curse word...

by DaniDangSwang ツ 6 months ago

Bob: “God I wish lawyers had senses of humor”
* went to law school *

by Ross Kay 2 months ago

Me: “move for life?”
Mark: “does that say MILFY?”

by CloakedJ24 6 months ago

Wade: Is a toaster person with toast

Mark and Bob: Punches the bread out of him

Wade: Stawp my bread ahhh!!!

by Majestic Roze 6 months ago

I love how as soon as Mark and Bob noticed the toast coming out of Wade their immediate first instinct was to slap and knock it out of him

by Isaac Devens 6 months ago

mark: losing his mind over the chickens/human relationship in this universe

me: oh buddy,, oh pal,,, , pls play animal crossing for us

by stephanie 6 months ago

Bob: P. I. V. O. T

Mark: Breaks every window in sight

Wade: "MY TOAST!!!" 😂

by Spacey Panda 6 months ago

When they were comparing other games to this gam, I notice they never compared it to Overcooked. It really reminds me of when they played Overcooked 2 together. It had the same goofy running and throwing stuff, and the driving from location to location kinda reminded me of that too. Especially with the bird's eye view of the game space and the teamwork needed. Am I the only one who noticed that?

by Connor Mowry 6 months ago

I pressed play in front of my mom in perfect time for her to here “Hey guys, you wanna make an only fans”

by Khyyana 6 months ago

If Wade plugged himself in and jumped in the pool with everyone in it, would that be considered a murder suicide?

by Cooper Hanisco 6 months ago

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