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World's Longest Field Goal- Robot vs NFL Kicker

#Science & Technology
My Field Goal Kicking Robot v. the NFL longest field goal record holder Matt Prater..
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Mark Rober photo 1 World's Longest Field Goal- Robot... Mark Rober photo 2 World's Longest Field Goal- Robot... Mark Rober photo 3 World's Longest Field Goal- Robot... Mark Rober photo 4 World's Longest Field Goal- Robot...

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by Mark Rober 3 weeks ago

Biggest surprise of the year Mark can kick a decent field goal holy mackerel dude, nice work!!

by A Glimpse Inside 3 weeks ago

Plot Twist: Perseverance finds the football Finkle kicked on Mars.

by Caden Bagasao 2 weeks ago

sooooo they'll let you kick a football towards a $10million jumbotron TV with 2 tons of force, but you better not fly that drone. makes perfect sense.

by racetm 1 week ago

Man: has a world record for science

Mark: Im gonna stop you right there

by random ramen 2 days ago

A scientist who correctly uses “hypothesis” and not “theory.”
Most impressive.

by jjww30 6 days ago


by Beppo 3 weeks ago

"You can measure the speed of light"
Veritasium has entered the chat

by Ocean Grunge 1 week ago

Loved how one of the soccer players that he showed was Scot Sterling

by Reece Howes 1 week ago

Answer to question: Robots will take over NFL in the near future.

by Give a Crayon 1 week ago

When the robot uprising happens, that robot is going to be kicking bombs

by Rusty Shampoo 2 days ago

That multipurpose blanket is a very innovative merch idea!

by Spencer Barton 3 weeks ago

At I see what you did their Mark, "SCOTT STERLING!"

by Giso Monster 1 week ago

The robot pulled the guy from the Simpson's where his leg broke off kicking the field goal. Lol

by Pablo 2 weeks ago

NFL kicker: "goooaal"
Robot: "TO THE MOON!"

by Nova 2 weeks ago

I love how the robot looks at his leg when it pops off...

by Rob Dux 1 week ago

Mark Rober is the type of guy who can make a video about watching paint dry make it interesting🙌🏾

by Ofentse Mwase Films 3 weeks ago

no one going to comment about how he used Scott Sterling footage when he said "elite place kickers and soccer players"

by PocketChange 9000 23 hours ago

It sounds like he’s farting every time he kicks the ball😂

by Noah Penitito 1 day ago

Imagine prater saying in his head: i cant let this guy beat me

by JoolowYT 1 week ago

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