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Trailer Tribute to WILFORD BRIMLEY - Rest in Peace

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I just wanted to take a moment to remember poor Blair. Rest in peace, Wilford Brimley, you will be missed

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Marc of Horror photo 1 Trailer Tribute to WILFORD BRIMLEY... Marc of Horror photo 2 Trailer Tribute to WILFORD BRIMLEY... Marc of Horror photo 3 Trailer Tribute to WILFORD BRIMLEY... Marc of Horror photo 4 Trailer Tribute to WILFORD BRIMLEY...

This year has been terrible and it's sad seeing another great actor gone. I loved him in the Thing and cocoon and I'm thinking of another movie that I can't remember but I love the clips. Wow I forgot about Remo Williams.

by Tyson #1 Fan 20 hours ago

I'd never heard of him. I had to look him up and all I'd seen him in was Hard Target and Carpenter's The Thing. He seemed to have had a long career. It's sad.

by FatherStack 1 days ago

I liked Wilford Brimley..He was the Greatest actor in the 70's and in the 80's!!..May Wilford Rest In Peace!!

by Horrorfan Dad 21 hours ago

Good ol' Wilford Brimley. 😥 I don't think I've seen 10 to Midnight or Death Valley, so I need to add them to my ridiculously long list of movies I will never have time in my lifetime to watch. Also, I really liked him in The China Syndrome.

by rustingwillpower 1 days ago

Rest in Peace Wilford Brimley. He had a lot of good roles. Great tribute man!

by sean erschen 22 hours ago

Lol love that you used the diabetes photo for this video! I've always loved Willford Brimley and the first film I saw him in was The Natural, then I saw Cocoon, and eventually noticed him in The Thing! I still wanna see Brubaker, 10 to Midnight, and pretty much all of his earlier work. Another awesome tribute for a very underrated character actor and his voice was a very distinctive one too. Enjoyed the video Marc! R.I.P to the great Willford Brimley!

by Sean Blu Digital 1 days ago

Yet another amazing artist gone. Excellent job Marc. R.I.P.

by EvilStevel 23 hours ago

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