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Doctor Answers Top 5 Period Questions

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Gynecologist Danielle Jones, MD - known as Mama Doctor Jones, answers some of your most frequently asked period questions. In this episode we go through period poops, cramps and what to do about them, when to see a doctor, heavy bleeding, and clots..
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Period in a nutshell:
Uterus wants baby
Uterus don't get baby
Uterus gives revenge

by eveljin 8 months ago

โ€œit really is just like contractions for labor, but on a decreased scaleโ€
oh god i canโ€™t imagine how painful labor is then

by Alexis Northup 5 months ago

23 year old college guy watching this just in case one day I can impress a girl with period knowledge ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚

by Isaak Simmers 8 months ago

Can we have a conversation about why women have to fight their doctors to get them to believe their symptoms are real? It took me 3 years to get help for my issue. If the problem was cancer I could've been dead by the time they finally listened. This is NOT okay.

by T N 4 months ago

"apply heat to the lower abdomen"
My over heating laptop with a dying fan: :D im helpful now

by Griseo Artifex 4 weeks ago

I want her to be my doctor. She doesnโ€™t seem like the kind of doctor that would rush you through an appointment. If you have a problem she will help you. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

by Nanny Noofer 7 months ago

Dear uterus,

Please stop spreading your negative vibes to my other organs.

Me (cc: stomach, intestines, and skin)

by Comments I Guess 4 weeks ago

I apply a cat in case of cramps. Seriously, the combo of heat and purr actually helps the pain. And the cat gets warm and gets pets. Good deal for all.

by Nerys Ghemor 1 month ago

I was today years old when I learned that using tampons AND pads at the same time wasnt normal ๐Ÿ™ƒ

by Katherine Andrews 7 months ago

when u be on ur period while watching this

by Isla Hardy 4 months ago

I cry alot, then my husband gives me a snickers and says, you're not yourself when your hungry......he loves to mess with me during that time, but I secretly love the chocolate.

by Bama_Born 4 months ago

My mother in law and doctor keeps saying my camps are normal even though Iโ€™ve left work, left school midterm day, lay in bed or the restroom floor or shower for a long time vomit, fainted, and lost my vision for at least minute. But this is normal and my doctor said I just canโ€™t handle pain well. And apparently my mother in law has felt this too but I think sheโ€™s just saying that. Thank you, I will find another doctor lol.

by Sally Robles 7 months ago

I use my cat as a weighted hot water bottle. The purring helps too

by Elida Silva 1 year ago

Doctor Jones: any amount that bothers you in your daily life is too much
Me: so I think bleeding at all is too much๐Ÿ˜‚

by Alexis DeLoria 8 months ago

At 53 years old and post menopausal, I truly wish you had been around when I was having issues. You explain things in such a way that it is easy to understand. Thank you for putting out this information. So many young women need this information.

by Tracy Hatcher 7 months ago

Finally I get confirmation about the period poops T^T anytime i say "oh I get diarrhea when i get my period" no one else was able to relate im so happy about this ;-;

by badappleneko 7 months ago

Thank you for the phrasing of "This is interfering with my daily life." My doctor was immediately more involved and I feel like she took me more seriously about my issues after I told her this. And I ended up with a satisfactory resolution. Eventually. But more progress was made in the last 6 months than in the last 6 years to get me to a better place.

by Allie Thompson 7 months ago

Things I told my doctor:
* I've been missing school about once a month for years
* My period pain is so bad that I have to take more than the recommended dose of ibuprofen to get by
* My pain is so bad that sometimes I start throwing up uncontrollably
* I've been rushed to the hospital by ambulance because I ran out of ibuprofen, collapsed from the pain, and couldn't stop vomiting

My doctor prescribed naproxen and birth control.

7 doctors and 14 years later, I finally found a doctor who suggested it might be endometriosis. It was.

Moral of the story: if your doctor doesn't take your pain seriously, switch doctors, and keep switching until one listens.

by nayemese 1 year ago

So, basically, we give birth once a month. Damn bruh...

by Areeba Bilal 6 months ago

My college roommate used to throw up in the morning during her period every single month. We could time it like clockwork, got used to it. But I thought it was severe. She would be unable to attend class for days.

by Sarita Robinson 8 months ago

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