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AMONG US ... For Noobs

Macro photo 1 AMONG US ... For Noobs Macro photo 2 AMONG US ... For Noobs Macro photo 3 AMONG US ... For Noobs Macro photo 4 AMONG US ... For Noobs

Impostors haven’t followed me on twitter @theMacroShow

by Macro 2 months ago

"Lime green vented"
"Lime green killed blue"
"Lime green did not do tasks"
"Yo red is sus"
Red was not the imposter

by Commando Droid 2 months ago

The “Here in Space” song was for me so reletable because everytime i do not die first round my friends vote me out because i am still alive.

by Eduardo Da Silva roque 1 month ago

"The beauty of the game is that it's so simple!" (15 minutes of complex rules follow)

by Shutterbun4 1 month ago

My favorite scenario ever:

"Guys, I'm new to the game. How do I go into vents like what pink did?"

by David Johnson 1 month ago

Speed Game mode:
Everybody gets 3x speed
The impostor tells everyone what they are
Everybody's got to finish all of their tasks before the impostor gets to them
NO body reporting
Impostors can only sabotage lights

by The Asian guy7 1 month ago

I didn’t even know it was possible for that many people to vote for you lol

by Luis Arocho 2 months ago

no one:
literally no one:

nick: bababooi

by Lewis Furze 1 month ago

Does anyone else think macros singing was unironically good

by Jace Thorson 1 month ago

Macro: “It is hard to pinpoint why this game got a huge resurgence so late…”

Henry Stickmin: “allow me to introduce myself”

by RPGKing X 1 month ago

Can we appreciate the fact that brown voted himself XD

by Kuldeep Veerathu 2 weeks ago

Emergency meetings: 0
Discussion time: 0 seconds
Voting time: 15 seconds (if it goes lower, it becomes infinite)
The impostor has to reveal themselves and can use vents and kill in broad daylight
Bodies may not be reported

I call this Tasks Only

by Raptorblade Plays 1 month ago

Last year, me and my classmates were the ones who started playing among us. I am a veteran. And proud that Innersloth is growing strong

by Daniel Lira 1 month ago

The calibrating distributor task is a crime to humanity.

by Divya Vyas 3 weeks ago

"The game is very simple"
watching a video about to play the game

by Ghoust Jones 1 month ago

Can we please talk about how the colors that showed up in the voting at the beginning were almost a perfect rainbow

by firstname lastname 4 weeks ago

Soooo, when you dropping "Here in space" on Spotify?

by Emperor Lemon 1 month ago

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