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50 Tips for Among Us

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new pfp. who dis?

by Macro 1 month ago


by DoTheMario 4 weeks ago

Youtube getting real comfortable with the double unskippable ads

by Joona Kalliokanerva 3 weeks ago

“I was right but nobody listened”
Public lobbies in a nutshell

by Bario - GD 3 weeks ago

Guy: Doesn’t report the body
Everybody: it’s okay

Me: Reports the body

Everyone: SUS self reported.

by The Lamb Sauce 6 days ago

Every public lobby i join:

red was killed

pink: “whe”
black: “whrr”
orang: “where”
me: “medbay
green: “that was too fast it has to be purple (me)”
me: “wait what no lmao it aint me”
green: “too fast”
pink: “i agree”
orang: “same”
me: “im literally not the impostor”
green voted
pink voted
orang voted
black: “i saw purple vent”
black voted
me: “i”
purple voted

Purple was not the Impostor

by Lovely Susan 1 week ago

Tip 1:
When somebody “admits” they’re impostor don’t vote them off. They most likely just want to leave the game and move on to another without penalty. Instead skip and ask them to vent.

Tip 2:
When somebody calls a meeting or reports then tell everyone you’re going to follow somebody (for the rest of the game or until you’ve 100% cleared them like somebody else died while they were with you) you’re sus of and if you die it’s them. This is an op strat because if you die they’ll know it’s that person, and if you don’t die you’ll have an alibi.

by Longest Schlong 3 weeks ago

one tip i find extremely helpfull (multiple, actually)
-The download task takes about 9-10 seconds (count)
-The download task FINISHES in ADMIN (not always, but 80% of the time, it NEVER STARTS there)
-Calibrator is a hard task (electrical) for some people, easy to fake
-Divide power ALWAYS starts at ELECTRICAL
-You can fake a every task in the engines, as long as you have been seen in the rooms of the part1 of them
-Learn where the vents go (I'm serious)
-Admin is underrated (if two people are in, let's say electrical, and they blink-switch, and then someone is suddenly in medbay? go check medbay for who the imposter is, and press that button!)

Polus (I don't play on here that much):
-vitals are underrated. If you see someone die, and then it's immiediatly reported. First ask what the scene was, if only one person 'saw the body' it's a selfreport
-there are more hiding places then i want to count

In general:
-Most of the times the first or first two tasks are the common tasks, not always, but it's helpful
-Don't vote someone out with as only proof the word 'sus'. (ugh.....)
-If you fake something, TIME IT RIGHT (wait for task bar to go up and immidiatly walk away
-you can run while sabotaging, yes lucas you can! (I am not offending every lucas, just a specific one I know that isn't on this platform)
-Sometimes you have to play the good guy and fix your own sabotages (I'm the only one in my friendgroup who can fix comms so if I don't do it, I'm sus. Yes, I am making use of that.)
-Try not to vent
-Learn where cameras are and how you can spot someone who vents on them

You really have come this far?
I love you! Have a nice day!

by HL Mailt 3 weeks ago


by Zeina Rifai 2 weeks ago

The way he started the vid sounded like: "hi, I'm Ryan, and my life, its kinda crazy"

by Knight Lite 3 weeks ago

Fun fact: when among us got popular, google searches for the word “cyan” spiked to reach an all time high. This is what society is today.

by darth gengar 1 month ago

Once, a person in my game was doing the asteroids tasks and as we all know (or some of us) that task is a visual task. I saw them standing near the chair and the lasers weren't coming out and got the everyone to vote for them.


Remember which tasks are visual and not.

(Skeld) Sabotage the reactor and close doors. This doesn't always work though.

When someone reports body, wait until the first person to say where before you do.

Even if someone saw you kill, as long as it is only one person and confirm ejects are off, you can frame that person. Make sure there's two or three imposters though.

Follow one crewmate and do the same task as them. Also, just because you and that crewmate is alone, don't always kill them. If you don't they might trust you and be on your side.

Don't randomly accuse.

If someone accuses your other imposter, don't deny it. Ask them for evidence and if they don't have any then you can accuse them for random accuse.

Try stack killing as much as you can. That is the best kind of kill because no one will know who it is.


Do your tasks as fast as you can so you don't get killed during your task. Fake a task just so you can see what's happening when you do a task (optional)

Don't stack because the imposter could stack kill and no one will know who it is.

(I'll edit this if I figure out more)

by Honeyonix 2 weeks ago

me: does task above a vent
yellow: calls emergency meeting
everyone: why
me: no, I was just doing my task
everyone: ok
everyone: votes for me

black was not an imposter
2 imposters remain

yellow: O_O
me (a ghost): ;-;

that was a true story

by me 2 weeks ago

Impostor tips

You can tell if theres someone in security if the cams are blinking. If you see that, go check out security. if the guy there is alone, kill him.

Sabotages are great for luring people to a specific place and leaving the lazy ones alone for killing

Not many people fix the O2 sabotage on Skeld. Theres usually an alone guy in O2 or Admin

Electrical, Navigation, Security and Admin are overpowered in lategame for Impostors

Crewmate tips

It’s great to know the impostor behaviours of people if you play with your friends if you play private.

The impostors are just as scared of you as you are of them.

Try learning to do tasks quickly, so you can watch out for impostors and catch them offguard

If you see someone randomly wandering around at the start of the game, they’re probably the impostor.

Reporting bodies everytime makes you look sus.

Start out with tasks in electrical. It has been dubbed “the graveyard” for a reason. If you go there on the start, impostors won’t have time to kill you

Purple colors are usually the impostor. If u dont know who to vote, eject purple and you’ll probably be good

by AiryCherry 2 weeks ago

Tip: Sus doesn't mean they're the imp, sus means they're suspicious.

by Rumor-_- 2 weeks ago

HOT TIP: The shield task is actually a visual task. The lights on the outside of the ship will turn on and begin to glow.

by JB Butt 1 month ago

Me: Saw Cyan vent and calls an emergency meeting
Everybody: Votes Cyan
Game: Cyan was not the impostor.

by TheWiseOne 2 weeks ago

No one:
People hating to be an imposter

Me wishing and praying to be an imposter

by bea capa 11 hours ago

I ave stopped reporting, EVERY time I report every one is like “self report” like dude not everyone who reports is imposter

by Jessica Thompson 3 weeks ago

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