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Screws - The Early Years

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The first in a series of four videos on screws, though other videos might get mixed in.
0:00 Introduction
0:54 Waterscrews
1:48 Fruit presses
4:08 Worm Drive
5:24 Internal thread cutting
7:19 Dioptra
7:50 Armor screws
8:17 Screws vs bolts
9:01 Armor part II
9:26 Early screw drivers
9:47 Medieval House book
13:01 Löffelholz Kodex
15:22 Ediphone
17:31 Conclusion
More info, http://machinethinking.co/
Contact me, http://machinethinking.co/contact/
More Medieval House book images, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Mittelalterliches_Hausbuch_von_Schloss_Wolfegg?uselang=de
Löffelholz Kodex PDF. (Also sometimes spelled Löffelholtz)
Plastic Injection molding animation from EngineerGuy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMjtmsr3CqA
"Mary had a little lamb" recording is Edison himself, but recorded about 30 years later, recreating what were supposedly the first recorded words by him.
The machine shown is his second prototype, though the first was fairly similar.
I'm well aware many consider Edison a jerk (to be polite) and he indeed did some pretty unsavory things. However, his immense contributions to many industries, including recorded media (audio and visual) are worthy of note. Don't worry, I'll cover some of his shortcomings in future videos.

#machine #screws #precision #bolt

Machine Thinking photo 1 Screws - The Early Years Machine Thinking photo 2 Screws - The Early Years Machine Thinking photo 3 Screws - The Early Years Machine Thinking photo 4 Screws - The Early Years

I was inclined to watch this video, thinking it would be on another plane. After going around and around for 18 minutes, winding through history, I feel unfastened, and now realize I just got screwed. You sent me on a downward spiral, threading deep into my brain with your twisted view of the world. Screw you, Machine Thinking. Screw you.

by FarmCraft101 1 month ago

I am 83 years old. As a boy, I saw a legal secretary use the Ediphone shown in your video to transcribe dictation. She worked for her father-in-law who had become my father's mentor. Her son studied law and ultimately became my father's attorney. The son and I are still friends though geographically separated. Your video became a time machine transporting me nearly 80 years to the sights, sounds and smells of that office. I cannot thank you enough.

by John Manning 1 month ago

It'd be a crime if that Dictaphone didn't get its own episode.

by Noel Barlau 2 months ago

Divorce attorneys are well versed in the screw, and they never turned a wrench in their life.

by mopar one 1 month ago

It's thought that the mistakes in manuscipts depicting machines and so on was to. Make sure people didn't copy it outright, so it's an early form of copyright 👍

by Eno's 2 months ago

"imagine if all screws disappeared"
Well, screw that!!

... No, that phrase would disappear too...

by Rex Transformation 1 month ago

I am LOVING all of the comments on what you think about bolts vs screws. The variety and differences between people and even countries are far more than I would have expected and really eye opening!

by Machine Thinking 2 months ago

"work so well that you don't even notice them"

screams in classic car owner

by Marius Berger 1 month ago

"[Thomas Edison] had invented the first machine which could record and play back sound"

Fun linked fact: there existed a machine that could record sound and was invented 17 years earlier called the phonautograph ; unfortunately the machine could not play back the sound, as the sound was actually written on paper. In 2008, researchers have been able to recreate the sound using digital processing, allowing us to hear the oldest recognizable recording of a human voice (1860)

by skyboosm 2 months ago

, “tonnes” of olive oil, I see what you did there.

by Steve Doe 1 month ago

About 2 years ago I started a quest to learn about screws bolts and nuts: who invented them, when were they first used and how were they made. did not get much answers. This video sure answers many of the questions I had. thank you

by Suhayl 2 months ago

Can we all take a second to admire just how slick and sexy that opening animation was... real eye candy.

by TheCymbalProject 3 weeks ago

"what would happen if every screw just disappeared"
Easy, I would use bolts.

by MarcinP2 2 months ago

I just finished watching the video and then went back to the youtube mainscreen, where I noticed that I did not give the video a thumbs up. I guess that was the first time in my life that I on purpose went back, just to click the thumbs uo button. Congratulations on that, Sir!

by Peter August 2 months ago

You make the best videos, my man!

by Jakob 2 months ago

I’ve been checking back here regularly for this great content!

by Ben Guse 2 months ago

AVE once said that a wedge is the most important tool in the world. He noted that the thread on a screw is simply a wedge. It's a helical wedge (inclined plane). I thought that was pretty cool.

by mark green 2 months ago

Absolutely top notch video! can't wait for the next one!

by Selulance 2 months ago

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