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IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! BTS (방탄소년단) 'Stay Gold' Official MV

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👑STAYYYY GOOOOOOLD, the chorus is so amazing!☀️
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Lycaroz photo 1 IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! BTS... Lycaroz photo 2 IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! BTS... Lycaroz photo 3 IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! BTS... Lycaroz photo 4 IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! BTS...

I love too 😍

by M Good 1 months ago

You said it so. Tae’s voice is soothing to the ears. I love BTS - OT7.

by ma.floresa canada 1 months ago

Wait.. you mistaken Jk’s voice to V ... It was Jk sang that part not Tae! Hmmm..🤔

by Liz Villanueva 1 months ago


by J z V 1 months ago

Jungkook is so beautiful ...taes voice so soothing love it

by Nasrin Fatema 1 months ago

This song will always remind us that what happen today we have to STAY GOLD. STAY POSITIVE 💜💜💜

by Leah Mae Barcelo 1 months ago

No one can get over V´s voice, his voice is just AMAZING!!!!

by maria jose costa 1 months ago

We need this stay gold during this pandemic

by santimomsa 1 months ago

Ahhh!! the song melt my heart❤
Tq for reaction😇

by T_ T 1 months ago

this mv reminds me to
fake love
spring day
i need u

by Shieky Julkarnain 1 months ago

Can you please react to please they went crazy

by Najie Kim 1 months ago

When they smile it means so much to me as well. I had the exact reaction you had when I saw suga laughing in the mv 😂😂

by somipem keishing 1 months ago

Every thing you are just stay gold 💪

by An jira napas 1 months ago

Tae su voz preciosa me encanta jin tiene una voz hermosa un placer escuchar JK conejito esponjoso es perfecto el canta y baila en vivo no desafina jimin canta hermoso baila precioso pero las dos no o canta o baila ya que como siempre tiene tantas líneas que desafina en vivo lo que canta jimin debieran darle a jin para que las cante ya que el lo ase perfecto BTS 7 a todos por igual JK incomparable su voz perfecta ya sea con tae con jin con hoseok con Suga con RM con jimin pero ya paren existe hoseok tae jin y lo asen bien por eso pierden tantos fans ya que aburren con destacar a uno solo a todos por igual armys grandiosa siempre alegan por lo mismo ellas aman a los 7 que canten todos no uno más que los otros. Bueno JK si puede ya que no desafinara 💜

by Nidia Figueroa 1 months ago

Bts Stay Gold made me feel all bubbly and happy whereas Txt Eternally scared the crap out of me. Bighit has the biggest duality.
I'm a BTS OT7 and TXT OT5 and Bighit Bitch for life 💜

by Jiophone 2 1 months ago

" Kim Tae Hyung.. i ❤️u.i❤️so much "... Dude... He s mine!! 😂😂😂

by Norma Kim 1 weeks ago

Bts have meaningfull songs thats the reason why i like them..

by Cris Candela 1 months ago

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