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Celine Dion Medley with Brian McKnight

#From #Because #The #Theme #Music
1. Because You Loved Me
2. Theme Song From Beauty And The Beast
3. My Heart Will Go On

#Heart #And #Go #Song #Medley #Beast #Dion #On #McKnight #Loved #Will #You #Me #My #Celine #Brian #Beauty

LumpBeefbroth photo 1 Celine Dion Medley with Brian... LumpBeefbroth photo 2 Celine Dion Medley with Brian... LumpBeefbroth photo 3 Celine Dion Medley with Brian... LumpBeefbroth photo 4 Celine Dion Medley with Brian...

This lady is very good role model for us. Her professionalism, respect for husband, care for family are some of her noble qualities that surpass others divas. She is the Diva of Respect. Love you Celine.

by Daniel Sumbayak 5 years ago

0% Drugs
0% Nudity
0% Miming
100% Fantastic performance from one of the best ever.
Who agree's?

by Dave M 7 months ago

Covid has taken me back to my old good days. Who's with me this 2020

by Purity Reni 6 months ago

When you sing live and you sound like the record, you know that these are true singers whose works are not auto tuned or manipulated in any way!! Fantastic.

by MrsCash Morrisey 7 months ago

Brian singing this is actually the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life

by Ell 1 month ago

Can you Imagine living in this era; the radio being filled with utterly beautiful music and tuning in to award shows to witness PURE TALENT, not stripping and derogatory music!

by GarageStudio 3 years ago

Brian McKnight, Oh my, to me he remains the greatest singer ever! He's got it all and yet, he remains humble, such a rare quality these days

by Mostdiablito 4 months ago

Sublime e magnífico, uma viagem no mais perfeito dos paraísos, algo que beira o sobrenatural, simplesmente surreal, i Love you.

by Daniel Sousa 5 months ago

That was the most amazing version of beauty and the beast. Brian McKnights voice!!! Oh wow!!!

by Jolene Young 5 years ago

Brasileira... Ouvindo em 2020! Música boa demais 🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️❣️❣️❣️

by Cris Annee 8 months ago

Amooo tbm, linda cantada junto, q maravilha!!!! Ameeeei!!

by Luci Barcellos 6 months ago

Yes im with you i love my old music.its truly taken me back..

by Debbie Smith 5 months ago

celine dion's reaction to brian (wooh)

by Rj Mapagmahal 7 months ago

Brian can sing anything and turn it into masterpiece! They are both amazing!

by Άννα Κ 6 years ago

This is probably the best medley I've seen during this Coronavirus craziness!!! Thank you Celine Dion for being your best!!!

by Betty Wong 8 months ago

This was Celines CBS comeback concert at the Kodak Theatre..she was the first to perform there. Her voice after giving birth was in top form an her joy at being a mother no doubt contributed to that!

by Nadia G 8 months ago

Amiga jolene! NÃO falo a sua LÍngua .Mas ESTOU de acordo com você em TUDO. Ela é uma RAINHA.

by Jose Alves Ferreira 5 months ago

These songs suit the particular period we are just experiencing.

by Desire Paul 8 months ago

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