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Luke Combs - Lovin' On You (Official Video)

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Listen to “Lovin’ On You” from Luke Combs’ album, ‘What You See Is What You Get,’ available now: https://LC.lnk.to/WYSIWYGYT
Pre-order/add/save Luke Combs’ new deluxe album, ‘What You See Ain’t Always What You Get,’ available October 23: https://LC.lnk.to/WYSAAWYGYT
CHORUS, But I’m in love with lovin’ on you
I feel that rush soon as you walk in a room
I can’t get enough of you, honey
You’re right on the money
I’m a junkie for your midnight moves
I’m in love with lovin’ on you
Listen On, Apple Music: https://LC.lnk.to/WYSIWYGYT/applemusic
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All retailers: https://LC.lnk.to/WYSIWYGYT.
Follow Luke, Instagram: https://LC.lnk.to/profileYT/instagram
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The music video is out now! Had a blast making it with my beautiful wife Nicole, the band, and some younger versions of all of us. Comment on this video for a chance to win a music video poster!

by Luke Combs 4 days ago

All of his songs should be thrown on a wedding playlist

by Calvin Harris 2 days ago

The moral of the story:
A good fart joke can get you somewhere.

by DudyWoody 3 days ago

Luke Combs has brought country back to country music. He doesn’t write a bad song and keeps it real. Love everything he does. And I wouldn’t mind a poster haha.

by Tommy Lucchesi 5 days ago

Lesson learned: Want the girl? Buy her shoes.

by Spencer Tidd 2 days ago

Good lord, I didn’t think I could love this song any more.

by Ian Rennhack 4 days ago

Can’t wait till this Covid stuff is over and I can go see you in concert.

by Cooper Macy 4 days ago

Those two kids are gonna feel so cool when they go back to school and show their classmates!

by PIE 3 days ago

Hands down, this guy is going to be a country legend some day. Every one of his songs his solid country gold.

by Tom Brannigan 3 days ago

Hey random person scrolling down the comments .. ..

Have a wonderful day :)

by ProTreeVideos 3 days ago

He looks just like a little Luke Combs...I guess I didn’t know him as a kid...shoot I don’t know him as an adult but I like his songs haha

by Aaron 1113 3 days ago

Lol loved the part at the end "i'm marrying this guy" lol

by woiour loin 1 day ago

I’ve been “lovin” on this song since day one. This man can’t write a bad song.


by Jonah Lunn 4 days ago

To the person that’s reading this:

You’re very intelligent and adorable human!
I hope you Stay healthy through these tough times,

My dream is to have 2k subs. I been struggling to get there!!.!!

by 10k subs with 0 video 2 days ago

I love the small features like the Mona Lisa hanging on the wall from “I Got Away With You” and “Neon Dream” on the guitar game for “Beer Never Broke My Heart”.

by coopdog23 3 days ago

Many say country music was never lost, but when you listen to any Luke Combs song, you can't tell me you're not flooded with memories of mamas front porch swing, cold beer, cool spring air, and old Craig Morgan, Tracy Lawrence, or Garth Brooks. music you didn't know was lost. Luke Combs is the itch you didn't know you needed scratched and the country music you didn't know was lost

by Scruffy_ The_Scruff 4 days ago

All of these songs he is coming out with .. YES .. IM ALL THE WAY HERE FOR IT.. ALL OF THEM 😭✨

by Becky Babbes 19 hours ago

Dude if Luke isn’t played at my future wedding I don’t want it

by izzy B 1 day ago

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