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Tiger Woods was driving nearly twice the speed limit before he crashed

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Tiger Woods was speeding when he crashed an SUV in Southern California less than two months ago, authorities said Wednesday.

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Los Angeles Times photo 1 Tiger Woods was driving nearly... Los Angeles Times photo 2 Tiger Woods was driving nearly... Los Angeles Times photo 3 Tiger Woods was driving nearly... Los Angeles Times photo 4 Tiger Woods was driving nearly...

He hasn't practice responsibility ever since he caused his divorce. Perhaps he needs to experience the consequences of reckless driving, potentially endangering others, speeding ...?

by Gixellia 1 month ago

He has always been reckless ! He needs counselling big time ! Smarten up Tiger !

by D Sinavich 1 month ago

Thank God Tigerโ€™s ok.... glad heโ€™s making some LIBs upset!

by Rich Considz 1 month ago

Lucky to be alive... GENESIS, certified Top Safety Pick

by Dan S 1 month ago

According to somewhat unreliable sources, Tiger was once again unable to control his wood so into the rough he ejacted.

by Noumenon 1 month ago

He Must have fallen asleep, then panicked and hit the accelerator instead of the brake.
I think it would be hard to miss the brake.... if your foot is on the accelerator when you panick that your going too fast for that long a distance.
And they obviously drew blood at the hospital before any operation/treatments so everything about his blood is on record. Smh.... I smell $$

by Lisa Me 1 month ago

How do you know Tiger had his foot that far down on the accelerator? I say his car was sabotaged ! Do you think the Bryant murder was accidental?

by Sunny Magnuson 1 month ago

I guess I don't understand why he wasn't ticketed for speeding..?

by Kishli Lewis 1 month ago

How is he not being charged. Any average person would be.

by not drastic 1 month ago

Going over the speed limit and crashing a vehicle isnโ€™t probable cause to administer a breathalyzer test?

by Snap 1 month ago

It was obvious he was driving recklessly, once u rule out a car problem.. it was a single vehicle crash. Did they even test his blood?!

by lulu in hollywood 1 month ago

LIB L A Times.... The Masters is in GA for a reason! Individuals who think for themselves, not Kiss Asrs followers.

by Rich Considz 1 month ago

Failed suicide. It's really embarrassing when you don't succeed and you can't tell everyone the truth.

by Noe Berengena 1 month ago

Iโ€™ll beat TW with his back. $100k right now. Show up P

by Mason Marsh 1 month ago

90 mph in a residential area and NO ticket?? WTF??!! Hell no!! Talk about your status privilege there you go! You or I go 90mph crash roll over we would get MULTIPLE citations speeding unsafe driving etc He was endangering others on the road too. Thank God only he was hurt as a result of his careless actions.

by Arizona Homesteading And Travels 1 month ago

Woods crashes into woods. No problem. No charges, what a joke L.A. is

by Bob Wiley 1 month ago

AVOID Korean cars/

by dark6c 4 weeks ago

Don't care what tiger does anymore. Over it. He needs long term treatment at a facility that is also a homeless shelter. Humility

by James Luallen 1 month ago

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