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Former NFL player Phillip Adams kills five people and then himself, source says

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Former NFL player Phillip Adams killed five people, including a prominent doctor, his wife and two grandchildren, a source says.

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I can’t imagine how the parents of the children feel losing two young children and their parents in such a gruesome way. That is a punishment worse than death

by Joshua Dallas 1 month ago

Media will bury this story quick.

by John B 1 month ago

Can you imagine the screams for help? I can... This monster didn't care...

by 1-888- IM-TELLN 1 month ago

"An NFL monster decided to murder an entire white family." There I fixed it for you Los Angeles Times.

by Seth Houser 1 month ago

Reality is always smacking the narrative in the face. There is so much, they can't hide it or twist it all. May the Doctor and his family have peace.

by mikedabuc 1 month ago

Can you all imagine if this were the other way around color wise? It would be nonstop coverage and linking the motive to the T man...this will be swept under the rug pretty quickly.

by Brent z 1 month ago

Dr. Lesslie was well known here in Rock Hill, SC and he even was the doctor I saw at Riverview Urgent Care a couple of times. Really nice Christian man. This has totally shook us up here.😞

by Anny B 4 weeks ago

My condolences to all grieving family members friends everywhere.

by Dahliah Nava Lazo 4 weeks ago

Yeah and his dad is blaming football?!! How about you blame yourself for not raising and teaching your kid right?

by Jerry Snow 1 month ago

Amazing how I had not heard about this until now. I live in a semi-rural area in Northern Europe and there were demonstrations over George Floyd in my town last summer.

by mies vailla nykyisyyttä 3 weeks ago

Imagine the headline if this was a white ex-NFL player who went in and massacred an entire Black family including children...oh lordy lord the outrage and vigils that would be going on right now

by PJ 1 month ago

sleepy joe and the lizard lady have no comment.

by John Jasper 1 month ago

Oooops....that’s the wrong color. The MSM will bury this story in less than 24 hrs💯🤔

by 24james 1 month ago

If my [c] i.A calculations are correct , there should be about 4 more "events" before the summer is over. Careful out there.

by l l 1 month ago

Prayers to the family. I would hope they get to the bottom of why this happened.

by LiberalSoldier1 1 month ago

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