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GMOD FNAF Horror Map w/ Yami Part 2: FOXY IS SCARY AS HELL!!!

LordMinion777 photo 1 GMOD FNAF Horror Map w/... LordMinion777 photo 2 GMOD FNAF Horror Map w/... LordMinion777 photo 3 GMOD FNAF Horror Map w/... LordMinion777 photo 4 GMOD FNAF Horror Map w/...

It’s almost 4 in the morning and I’ve been watching fnaf the whole night without getting any sleep, my future will be perfectly fine

by EretIsMySpiritAnimal 11 months ago

Who’s also remembers watching this as a kid, good memories.

by RANDOM TROOPER 1 year ago

Yami: “Wade is incredibly sexy.”

Subtitles: “Wade is incredibly selfish.” 😂

by SkyShark420 11 months ago

Imagine having hired 2 grown men at your pizzeria, but have them bring a load of guns, grenades, and crowbars

by Zenc 1 year ago

I watched this as a kid and got too addicted. Nostalgic but I’m still addicted

by Bombystrikes 3 months ago

This is 4 years old and I’m still watching this over and over again this is amazing

by Pizza Hut 2 1 year ago

I still remember watching this a long time ago and still love it

Who else is in *2020?? *

by Bing Liu 1 year ago

I’m stuck in bonny’s pelvis... aaaaaaaah foxy!!!

Yami - 2015

Edit-thanks for all the likes,I really appreciate it. It means the world to me

by Miketrobot 101 1 year ago

Damn the nostalgia thx man I laughed a lot when I was young and even now, this is the only channel I watched that doesn’t have cheesy cringy fnaf content

by Wobba Wobba 1 year ago

This was made 5 years ago and it’s still my favourite video in the world :DDDDDD

by kelly ross 6 months ago


by starboy35tcoos 5 years ago

Bonnie: “go on foxy” foxy: “my pleasure, COME HERE YOU LITTLE WEENY WADE”

by Gamer 4 Life 9 months ago

Love how since your able to move around away from the office animatronics can’t just kill you at the office lol

by Knight Bros 11 months ago

I think we’re ok...OH NO WADE!” I like how he immediately got concerned for wade and warned him :)

by PoignantNine_278 11 months ago

And to this day I still quote... “I got you a package...” “...it’s a large, strong, heavy package.” Whenever I bring in a package from the porch.

by Dragon_Avenue995 J 10 months ago

I like How the title is like:

by Among sus Playz 4 days ago

Me: thinking I knew Wade from Marks videos

Also me: watching this realizing that I got to know Wade because of this

by Winter Wolf 10 months ago

Only OGs and Real Subs will remember this....

by DANIEL 557 8 months ago

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