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Russell Wilson and Kevin Hart Talk The Short Game | Cold as Balls: Cold Calls | Laugh Out Loud

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This LAST episode of Cold As Balls : Cold Calls is for the birds. Seattle Seahawk's QB #RussellWilson rings Kevin to trash the Eagles, talks fatherhood and marriage and prove he's the most athletic short fella on the call. You're not going to want to miss this one..

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LOL Network photo 1 Russell Wilson and Kevin Hart... LOL Network photo 2 Russell Wilson and Kevin Hart... LOL Network photo 3 Russell Wilson and Kevin Hart... LOL Network photo 4 Russell Wilson and Kevin Hart...

Last episode of the season! Do you think Russell Wilson will be considered one of the greatest who ever played (knowing he has many years left) AND how did you like the Cold Calls edition of Cold as Balls?

by LOL Network 1 weeks ago

It’s hard to hate Russel! Such a nice guy.

by KenyelxoTV 1 weeks ago

Russ: We need to get the kids together.
Kevin: Yeah, we do. Im gonna drop them off and then pull off.
Lol!! 😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂

by Sky1Luv 1 weeks ago

Michael: “Clue #2, He is the shortest QB to win a Super Bowl”
Kevin: “Did I win a Super Bowl?”
Yes Kevin, Yea you did 😂

by Tre Tre 1 weeks ago

Russell: "So what rapper, Kev. used my name in a song?"
Kevin: "Jay-Z, no Future."
Would have loved to see that response. 😂😂😂😂😂

by Africa's Very Own 1 weeks ago

When Russell asked what rapper mentioned him in a song & if Kev would of said “Future”
I would of lost it 😂😂😂

by Coach Quil 1 weeks ago

8 months? It seems like she just announced her pregnancy

by Dustin Motley 1 weeks ago

Russell Wilson is my 15 year old son’s favorite player...period. He still can’t talk about “The Play”. 😢

I know athletes and celebrities often state that they are not role models but Men like Russ are fine examples of how to be a real man.

by Robert Boyd 1 weeks ago

Russ: My dad died and it was the lowest of the lows kevin: yeah so have you heard about my church league football team

by Braden White 1 weeks ago

Wilson and curry both have a respectable demeanor

by Thanos 1 weeks ago

Kevin: as a smaller man... Than i am😂😂😂

Russell: hol' on

by Brian Smartter 1 weeks ago

You can tell talking about that interception in the super bowl still hurts him til this day

by J B 1 weeks ago

Russ is such a Respectable positive dude. You never hear anything negative come out his mouth.

by Laura H 1 weeks ago

“What rapper used my name in a song” Kevin cmon man that was ya chance to say future 🤦🏾‍♂️

by Sean Ballentine 1 weeks ago

I don’t understand how Darrell and Bam can hold they laughs in like that

by Kordale Elliott 1 weeks ago

I am convinced that Russell is a low key international crime boss that puts on a facade of the "nice guy". Kinda like Wayne Brady on the Chappelle Show. @ he was about to say a**, but switched it to "tail" so the DEA would not catch on to his shenanigans! I see you, Russ lol.

by Kenneth Jacobs 1 weeks ago

This is a good interview! Wilson never lets himself be himself during interviews. He usually gives the same answers over and over, but in this one he seems relaxed and him cussing shows he is feeling good😂 bc I don’t think I’ve ever heard him do that EVER

by Ryan Staiger 1 weeks ago

This was so Wholesome Russell is literally the best QB in da league

by Ok Buddy 1 weeks ago

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