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It's taken me years to make this video...

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This Party of One is now a party for all. I am beyond proud to present to you our baby, One of One. My clean skin care and makeup line with cestmoibeauty, is now available for your indulgence. You deserve a daily celebration of your self-expression, and as a professional hype-woman, it’s my job to remind you of the powerful, playful potential in you. We lovingly created One of One to help you celebrate the only you there will ever be. Welcome to your party, the pleasure is absolutely mine.
It can all be yours now! Shop our whole collection here: https://www.cestmoi.com/pages/liza-koshy-x-cest-moi
• My gift to you: Use the code BUNDLESOFJOY to get 20% off all sets. PLUS, enjoy free shipping. PLUS, get a free gift (the Glossay) on all orders $40 and up! Shop on: https://www.cestmoi.com/collections/save-on-sets
• Want the Think Twice eyeliners? Sure: https://www.cestmoi.com/collections/one-of-one/products/think-twice-eyeliner-pencil-1?variant=32532822294590
• Want to Milk It? You got it: https://www.cestmoi.com/collections/one-of-one/products/milk-it-shimmering-hydrafluid
• Want the Face Mask Artist Set? Gotchu: https://www.cestmoi.com/collections/one-of-one/products/give-em-face-mask-artist-set
• Want my favorite creation of all? HERE MY FRIEND, https://www.cestmoi.com/collections/one-of-one/products/the-face-balm-cleansing-duo
Thank you for always partying with me.
I am so lucky to do this with you.
Thank you, always.
All my love, Liza

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Liza Koshy photo 1 It's taken me years to... Liza Koshy photo 2 It's taken me years to... Liza Koshy photo 3 It's taken me years to... Liza Koshy photo 4 It's taken me years to...

Sis finally remembered her YouTube password

by Me 4 days ago

your skin is so smooth and clear. makes me want to try it out.

by Skyebunny777 3 days ago

“It’s a fine line, I’m not trynna shove it down your throat... I’m trynna rub it on your face!!!” I’m dead I love you Liza!!!

by Shayla Fox 3 days ago

Liza is actually wife material, she has just as much energy as me, if not more, we're basically the same age, she has goals and ambitions, we're born the same year, we're both mixed, she's passionate, fiery, creative, talented, she has an identity outside of her relationships (when she is dating), she's a naturally exciting person and knows how to stay positive, not to mention she's gorgeous!

by Jazzy J 1 day ago

Now she actually has a dog and has an excuse for why she’s eating dog food

by bxby bluii 1 day ago

The second this is in Target will be the ultimate full-circle moment

by Damon Dominique 4 days ago

Liza: has her own TV show
Liza: has her own makeup line
Liza in 2030: has her own rocket ship

by Elise makes stuff 3 days ago


Me: *Crying because i havent watched you for like a year*

by Dabi 3 days ago


by Olivia Claire xx 1 day ago

"I took art as an elective in middle school, and it showwsss."

by Y Not? 2 days ago

Only those who remember "hey guys it's ya gurl Liza.......... comin atchu"
"hey guys it's ya gurl Liza comin at twoooo cuz it's my second channel"
"ill see u guys next Wenzzzzday with Lizzza. little brown girl.. is ooouuuut. Byeeeee"
Can like

Edit: ohmygod thank y'all so much I've never had more than like 4 likes on a comment before Aaaaaaaaahhhhh

by Cannon B 4 days ago

I see people going on about David, like can’t you see she is SO HAPPY with herself and her accomplishments. like get over them, and accept they are not getting back together. Like they have both moved on, so the people that haven’t should too.

Also I totally want to buy theses!!!

by Book Book 1 day ago

"should be affordable for everyone"
me with 0 dollars: yooo that's cap

by tyrannosaurus 3 days ago

“it’s 2020 i had to delete all my dreams

except for this one! WHOO!”

by Rachel Chapman 2 days ago

Only OGs remember the “Wednezzzdayy with lizzza” Intro with the “yeah” at the end :) and also her dollar store vids... “a CoLlA fOe a DoLlA oH mAh GoDda”

by kuhkeez 1 day ago

It’s great to see Liza is still around acting like she on crack.

by Aesthetic Poop 4 days ago

“The FIRST step to my routine, is to hype myself up”. Liza K 2020 YES YES YES

by drttyu liqm 2 days ago

Liza's energy is what was the key ingredient missing in the last year fr youtube..

by PUREBLOOD 1 day ago

She’s actually come SUCHHH a long way can we just appreciate how hard she works 🥺🥺 like I’m honestly so proud I’ve been here since 2016 Liza ur honestly still my favourite

by Maddy Zedd 3 days ago

Guys: There’s no funny females in the world.

Me: Shows him this intro

by Luis Estrada 2 days ago

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