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Are Schizophrenia Simulations Accurate?

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I live with schizoaffective disorder and in this video, I react to and discuss three different schizophrenia simulations. You can find links to the full videos discussed and shown below..
Videos shown.
"Schizophrenia Simulation"
"Realistic Schizophrenia Simulation"
"Sometimes (I'm schizoaffective)/All Of The Time (I'm human)"
When I discuss each video, 00:00 - Introduction
02:32 - "Schizophrenia Simulation"
14:30 - "Realistic Schizophrenia Simulation"
25:18 - "Sometimes (I'm schizoaffective)/All Of The Time (I'm human)"
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Living Well with Schizophrenia photo 1 Are Schizophrenia Simulations Accurate? Living Well with Schizophrenia photo 2 Are Schizophrenia Simulations Accurate? Living Well with Schizophrenia photo 3 Are Schizophrenia Simulations Accurate? Living Well with Schizophrenia photo 4 Are Schizophrenia Simulations Accurate?

All fun and games untill the voices dont stop when the video does

by XXXHomeArest 7 months ago

Itโ€™s crazy how little you know about a person just from looking at a person. Be kind to everybody! You never know the challenges they go through!

by Luke Naoumovitch 3 weeks ago

The distorted, very tall perspective from the first video is actually not the guy being super tall with this tube vision, but called Dysmetropsia/AIWS (Alice in Wonderland Syndrome). Itโ€™s a sort of hallucination or distortion, triggered by different things (with me usually when Iโ€™m very dehydrated or something really fear inducing happened), that can trigger other symptoms like a psychosis. Itโ€™s the most accurate representation that Iโ€™ve ever seen. Itโ€™s scary and makes you go very slow and careful or lie down.

by Glasmond 3 weeks ago

when i was in a psych ward, i met a boy with schizophrenia he had just turned 18 and his symptoms apparently were so bad he could hardly talk, walk or even just do anything he always looked so weak and like he was in so much pain, he often had seizures too. he was really sweet though and i loved when he talked to me or asked me to color in his coloring books. but the really devastating part is that he had been ''normal'' up until he turned 16 and then he just suddenly started showing major symptoms. when we were eating he often fondled around with his hands and started screaming and telling them to go away. when i stable enough to go home it felt like he was actually getting better i really hope he's okay.

by dilara ! 1 week ago

worst psychosis fit i ever had was while out camping with some friends and i actually believed they were all plotting to kill me and i had like a full mental collapse for a few hours, thank god i have good friends cause they helped me through that fit without anyone getting hurt

by Zachary Darnell 1 week ago

quarantine has taught me so much more about the human mind than school ever has.

by Three Dollaya 6 months ago

The worst part for me is that every voice manifest as a close friend or family member calling to me.

by Toxic Outlaw 2 weeks ago

My son hears voices every single day. He says the voices are like whispers from different ppl and they're usually mean to him. He also hears different voices in different rooms he walks in to. He thinks he has super hearing and it's the neighbors. He also thinks ppl can read his mind.

by Van _ 3 weeks ago

That first one was... kinda terrifying, with the "they know, they'll know, they're gonna know." I had a short possible psychotic episode a few years ago (has not recurred since and I was never diagnosed with anything because of it) where I had very intense delusions that photographs and children I passed by were watching me, because "they know." I didn't know what they knew, but they knew, and it was bad that they knew. Lasted about four days and were the scariest four days of my life.

by BertieBirdie 4 weeks ago

The second video seemed t be very hard to watch for her with all the triggering voices of self-harm... I hope that she is not pushing herself in order to create this video and is prioritizing her mental health.

by Annie Yu 1 month ago

I wish the voices were overwhelmingly positive and cheered you on. Giving compliments. Mental illness is such a fragile thing.

by 20 Ton Chop 4 months ago

She looks and sounds like the babysitter from the Incredibles.

This is not supposed to be taken as an insult.

by Z U C C 2 weeks ago

I see homeless with this illness all the time. Sad that our society just dumps them on the street.

by Justin Boger 1 week ago

She shrugs and says โ€œ I guess one time I guess I hallucinated an actual person. โ€œ All in a days... day.

by shayne elizabeth 1 month ago

The human mind is so complex that even a tiny miswiring can have huge consequences. The schizophrenic and non-schizophrenic brain looks exactly the same in an MRI. So it's such a slight deviation from average that we can't even physically see it and you still get these profound life altering effects. Very hard to think about when you realize how fragile humans are.

by SodiumTriphosphate 2 weeks ago

wow but now imagine living homeless with this.

by Autistic Guitar 2 months ago

An everyday obstacle for me is that when I don't have overwhelming symptoms and such I feel like I'm just fooling everyone and that I don't actually have this illness but that it's just something I made up.

by CunningDancer 97 2 weeks ago

Terrifying, overwhelming parts of the video: "Hah, this has to be sensationalised, can't wait to see her tear it apart"

Her: "So this is quite accurate".

Made me respect schizophrenics even more than I already did, I didn't know it could get this bad.

by Chill 2 weeks ago

Iโ€™m sorry other humans go through this. I just canโ€™t...

by Thrift Shop Hustler 2 weeks ago

She seems so nervous in some parts of the video. Poor lady...๐Ÿ˜”

by Victor Hugo 1 week ago

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