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LiSA - Crossing Field

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Music video by LiSA performing Crossing Field. (C) 2012 Aniplex Inc.

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Un aplauso para Jaime Altozano que me trajo aquí con su TOP 10 de canciones del anime y otro para LiSA por haber hecho una increíble canción con detalles que no podría haber reconocido sin Jaime.

by SoyTosta 3 years ago

who agrees every anime op LiSA does, it's perfect

by AC 2 days ago

Netflix: "Do you want to skip the intro?"
Me: "We don't do that here, sorry."
FBI Agent: 👀🔥

by 0022 1 month ago

I don't understand a single word but I believe what she's saying.

by Brady Malinowski 1 month ago

Son: Dad, why is my sister’s name LiSA?
Dad: Because your mom loves LiSA.
Son: Thanks dad
Dad: You're welcome Crossing Field

by Jhon Wilfred Jayoma 1 month ago

LiSA: makes any song
Anime intros : its free real estate

by Isabella N. F. 10 months ago

If you die your online friends won't know you died
they'll just wonder why you never got online again

by AmvRevenant 1 week ago

Damn LiSA's skirt shines brighter than my whole existence.

by むり 2 weeks ago

Nocap, this was meant to be a joke, stop taking social media so seriously. 😂
I didn’t think it would go this far.
I dont mind if you hate on me anyways lmao.
It just proves you can’t take video comments seriously.

by Ammilyn .-. 1 year ago

LiSA doesn't sing SAO openings.
SAO is the anime with the LiSA openings.

by Martin Colan Quevedo 1 month ago

SAO was my 1st anime. Even though, I realized it was a kind of crappy anime, it still has a special place in my heart for getting me into anime. Also, this intro is lit AF.

by BkaYize 1 month ago

LiSA's outfit had joined the chat.

Vampires: Im outta here

by Ncryptd Face 1 month ago

99% fans Sword Art Online definitely come here

by Diie Noleep 10 months ago

I searched “Lisa” to see blackpinks Lisa and I’m not disappointed! So talented

by 박지수 1 month ago

After watching sao pretty much all of us became LiSA fans

by xo Lash 1 month ago

La mejor canción siempre fiel al anime Sword Arte Online que salga una película de este anime

by Jeanpier Fernández 2 days ago

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