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Guest House (2020 Movie) Official Red Band Trailer โ€“ Pauly Shore, Mike Castle, Aimee Teegarden

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Guest House โ€“ On digital and On Demand September 4th! Pauly Shore, Mike Castle, Aimee Teegarden, Billy Zane, Steve-O
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Guest House โ€“ Moving In September 4th. On digital and On Demand.
Pauly Shore and Steve-O kick this outrageous, raunchy comedy into high gear. When engaged couple Sarah (Aimee Teegarden) and Blake (Mike Castle) buy their dream home, thereโ€™s a catch: a party animal named Randy (Shore) in the guest house who refuses to leave! When Randy throws a wild, sexy pool party, the cops show up โ€” and Blake gets arrested. Can he and Sarah get through their backyard wedding without a certain loser crashing the partyโ€ฆand ruining their marriage? Also starring Chris Kattan (A Night at the Roxbury), Bobby Lee (โ€œMADtvโ€), Erik Griffin (Murder Mystery), and more!

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The number of people who were sent here by Steve-O:


by JackFinley199 1 month ago

Who only came here because Steve-O is in the movie

by Disa Finn 1 month ago

YouTube: We donโ€™t allow nudity on our platform.

Lions gate: Is that a challenge?

by Botnum 1 month ago

this movie looks like it sucks, except for steve-os part.

by KeeganOfTheWoods 1 month ago

Only here for Steve O had no clue this movie existed wish he had a bigger roll or his own movie

by Nevertrust23 4 months ago

I'm here supporting Jesse heard he had a small role in this movie. Love Steve O as well.

by Rod Allredd 3 months ago

I donโ€™t need to watch the movie because the trailer just revealed everything

by Michael 1 month ago

I came here to see Ed Bassmaster, but there isn't any shots of him in this trailer!๐Ÿคจ Psh!! Unreal!

by SHINOBI1 3 months ago

Who else is only here because Steve-O announced it?!

by theAUSTINshow ! 3 months ago

Bigfoot said he would kiss my motha if I didnโ€™t say to let jack from joogsquad be in more movies.

by Jack-Ason B 3 months ago

Ed Bassmaster sent me here. He's a rising star in my book. He needs more credit for his organic hilarity.โค

by Angela Swanson 3 months ago

A Pauly Shore comeback? SweEet!. I think the wheezle is is underrated. His whole family is/has been monumental to comedy. Funny guy, seems to genuinely care about people. I remember watching MTV Cribs back in the day and he was the only person in that entire series who made the camera/production crew stay and be properly fed. He had a big food setup and seemed to make sure everyone was comfortable. Otherwise most would end there spot by saying "its time to go!" Or some doorslam ending.

by Mr. Emerson 3 months ago

Pauly Shore, Steve-O, Chris Kattan and Bobby Lee? Shut up and take my money lol.

by Clayton Meinke 2 months ago

Steve-O has nearly died many times for our entertainment, It's only fair to watch this trailer for him.

by Ares Filmes 4 months ago

Everyone over 30 is here for Pauly.

by Mike Kling 2 months ago

i was just showing support for the homie steve-o but it looks like a dope movie .

by Mista Rebman 1 month ago

Steve-0 in the trailer would have made it more appealing. I only came here coz Steve-0 said.

by The Tucker Box 1 month ago

Who is here cuz Steve-o!
Let's show LionGate that he has a lot of traction!

by Dustey 4 months ago

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