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Lil Loaded - 6acc On The 6locc (Official Video)

lil loaded music photo 1 Lil Loaded - 6acc On... lil loaded music photo 2 Lil Loaded - 6acc On... lil loaded music photo 3 Lil Loaded - 6acc On... lil loaded music photo 4 Lil Loaded - 6acc On...

Im so high i thought some dude was knocking on my door at the start lmao

by Karl Constantine 9 months ago


Me and the boiz in 4th grade pullin up to the nerf war:

by Smal Caleb 8 months ago

Not gone lie every time that door knock sound hits I look

by Chris Actually 8 months ago

The newest "most dangerous job" is officially being the camera man for hip hop

by Unknown 7 months ago

Claim your โ€œ here before a million โ€œ card

by IBC Foldz 9 months ago

Loaded is the ๐Ÿ

by CreativE 8 months ago


Lil Loaded: It's Nerf Or Nothin'.

by Gleeko 8 months ago

911: Whatโ€™s your emergency

Me: Uh lil loaded just uploaded a new vid

911: The fire department will be there soon ๐Ÿ”ฅ

by Trey R6 8 months ago

i like how literally every sentence has a gun reference in it

by Big Slim 8 months ago

He obviously has water guns because his opps on fire

by DevonWentCrazy 9 months ago

Like if nle should do a song wit lil loaded!!

by Dc Malice 7 months ago

He protecc,
He attacc,
But most importantly,

Lil Loaded never lacc.

by Thief 6 months ago

This song makes me want to rob a store with a nerf blaster

by Opticc Swazy 7 months ago

Imagine having a nerf war and somebody picks up a gun by accident

by SoporificAlloy 1 1 month ago

Everybody gangsta till lil loaded gets out his nerf blaster.

by Siege 8 months ago

if tik toc runis his songs, I swear to god

by Jeremy Harris 7 months ago

He needs water guns to takes out the fire he spittin
Thx for 5 likes!

by iCommandYew 7 months ago

When that one kid in the neighborhood gets the new nerf gun for Christmas

by something_random 7 months ago

this song makes me wanna throw up gang signs with my toes

by Tris10 3 months ago

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