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A Serious Critique of Clash Royale

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With the Clan Wars 2.0 update arriving sometime this month, I figured this would be a perfect time to analyze some of my biggest issues with the game, as well as how to fix them! Enjoy!
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Legendaray photo 1 A Serious Critique of Clash... Legendaray photo 2 A Serious Critique of Clash... Legendaray photo 3 A Serious Critique of Clash... Legendaray photo 4 A Serious Critique of Clash...

Lemme know what you thought of the video, a bit of a different one today!

by Legendaray 1 week ago

Love him or hate him, he’s spitting facts

by AtomicBlast87 1 week ago

Thank you legendaray for being the only creator who actually has the guts to speak against Supercell for the community and unlike most creators,not just blindly agreeeing with each of their policies

by Light Yagami 1 week ago

Even when legendaray is serious his voice sounds so fun

by Henry Sun.1217 1 week ago

I completely agree with your progressionl point.

I feel like this game was also doomed to fail with how the progression system works. It just takes way too long. Sure it feels rewarding when you finally max your deck but it's just not fun having to play a single deck on ladder for a whole year. And even after you maxed one deck you still have to play have to play that deck for a few more months to max a second deck. And that deck might have been a bad deck or fall out of meta because of constant balance changes (which is good but makes using one deck hard). And now with Clan Wars, we need more than one maxed deck.

Also what the hell. It takes almost the same amount of cards to get a level card from 1 to lv12 as it does from lv12 to lv13. It takes MORE gold to upgrade a card from lv12 to lv13 than lv1 to lv12.

If this game was made this year then it would have focused on cosmetics to earn money rather than progression.

by Stan LOOΠΔ Chuu 1 week ago

In a nutshell: Progression. Waaaaaay too slow. It forces you to play one deck, max out certain cards, leaving all the other cards super weak.

How would you feel if they added grand challenges for Draft or 3x that you can enter and grind as much as a regular GC?

by TimTeemo 1 week ago

What a great video! One thing I'd like to add is the fact that about 80% of every new card that comes out SHOULD be a new win condition. It will make the game last longer, as they create more diverse decks and archetypes, and any new cards that aren't win conditions may be able to find their right spot within those new win conditions' decks. Also, YES, we need that content creator tab! :D

by ErnieC3 6 days ago

i dont need clan wars 2.0..... just give us a SURRENDER button

by Akshat Rawat 1 week ago

Great critique, very fair and well-considered. I think most of the problems with the game’s state come down to the fact that it’s pay-to-win. All the issues of stale ladder, stale meta, lack of variety, balancing across levels, come from this. Supercell needs to figure out some way of transitioning to a modern pay-for-cosmetics/skins model, without ticking off the whales who have dropped $10k on the game.

by Kevin H. 1 week ago

Honestly it's confusing what Supercell is thinking. The community gave so many QoL changes that many of us want and many of the changes already exist in the game but in other areas so it seems easy enough to implement. Sometimes it feels like they either want the game to die or just gave up on the game and is waiting for the game to die itself. Or their Supercell team is just way too small for what they need.

Still we need more than just QoL changes. And seeing how this Clan Wars rework took them so long and it still isn't released. I doubt we will get a really good big update anytime soon.

by Stan LOOΠΔ Chuu 1 week ago

Legendary seems like such a nice person

by HazzyKH 1 week ago

It is hard to believe that a college kid like you can make a video of higher quality than most full time creators do. High effort content creators like you keep youtube alive, I applaud you

by Red Submarine 1 week ago

I have a feeling no matter how good this update is, Clash Royale is already too far gone to continue to climb. It's on its downfall now

by Shoe Trees 1 week ago

I've played this game for 3 years now since the beginning... I've maxed my 10 cards too... But in the end I realized that I only maxed rubbish cards.... Now I realize I should have maxed meta decks rather than random cards... I've never spent a single penny on this game...

To build new meta deck it'll take me more than a year... I'm really sad now... I even don't have sufficient gold to upgrade my cards... Many players like me hate this game because of this reason... They should give more amount of gold to the players... Chest shoud be worthy... Spending 3 hours for 130 gold is absolutely ridiculous... I think they should implement new concept in chest and gold system.... They should give more rewards...

Sad to say but my favourate game is dying😞😞

by Sugam Dahal 1 week ago

I think a 2 vs 2 ladder would really help the game come back. I think they should bring this update around December. Also great video! Love the content :)

by Amazing Vincent 1 week ago

great video legendaray. the problem with leveling cards up is that it's almost purely a time game. spending more time/effort in the game in a one-month period isn't going to help you level cards. you collect the rewards one time and then wait another month to get those rewards again.
Essentially, your leveling up isn't solely dependent on the effort you put in, but rather how quickly supercell feeds you the resources needed for it. challenge/tourney rewards are one-time, trophy road rewards are one-time, the bulk of war rewards are fed to you in a 2-week cycle, requests are fed to you every 7 hours...
there's no way for a player to level up quickly if they really really wanted to sink in more hours and effort in the game. the way CR encourages you to engage with the game is to keep up a low effort, for an extended period of time. they promote consistent and prolonged effort over an active effort.
this is why this game is so dead. progression is so damn slow, and it takes a solid year and a half to two years for a F2P player to max out a deck like Pekka BS. and that's just one deck...
I maxed out my Pekka BS (I only bought 2 pass royales) in my damn sleep. I barely had to play the game/ladder, and I missed a huge chunk of tournaments and challenges in a time period because the gold they rewarded was so damn puny and I didn't need it to upgrade my 8 cards. I literally log into the game 3 times a day to request,war, and trade, for a solid 1.5 years to max out the 8 cards. EIGHT CARDS. ONE DECK. this game is so dead.

by スタru 1 week ago

Don't forget when supercell tried to sell us 8 legendary draft chests for 150$ US

by GoldDropper 3 days ago

The worst part of supercell is their support; I've gotten multiple accounts banned for no reason and couldn't get them back because of the incompetent support

by Ryan Trent 1 week ago

Last time i was this early legendary chest used to cost 500 gem- oh wait...

by limited edition 1 week ago

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