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The People Vs. The Last of Us Part 2 - A Messy Story, Fan Outrage & A Very Naughty Dog (Review)

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★ Retrospective on the announcement, development & overall history of The Last of Us Part 2. Additionally, my review of the game & a breakdown of the divisive fan outrage! ★
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Also Halo 2 did this premise better. Just saying.

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by LegacyKillaHD 1 months ago

"Its a story about right and wrong written by people who think they're always right"
- A Japanese fan

by CJ lists 5 days ago

Kratos: after killing all the gods i will forgive you zeus because revenge is bad

by Steffano 1 months ago

Its like killing Mario and then the game is about Luigi taking revenge but suddently you play Bowser and the game wants you to understand him and then you have to beat the shit out of Luigi with Bowser lol

by Janis Simon7 4 weeks ago

This game makes me feel like im playing as micah after killing arthur

by FLAT Earther 4 weeks ago

"...no one loves these characters more than we do"
"So anyways I started golfing"

by Jim Canterak 1 months ago

Hearing Druckmann say that some of the play testers actually hated the game makes all of the reviews that initially came out all that questionable. He flat out admits that some people didn't like the game, but ALL of the reviewers were calling it a "masterpiece"? Something definitely doesn't add up.

by faboo2001 1 months ago

All I can say is I'll probably never look at part 2 again. Gonna go replay TLOU and pretend this never happened.

by Jess 4 weeks ago

Isn't it sad that Joel's flashback cutscenes feel more alive than the characters throughout the rest of the game?

by Mixi Mixi 4 weeks ago

ah yes philosophical questions like
"do i like killing this dog now that I know its name is Bear"
yes. yes i do

by GoodwinGhost 1 months ago

neil: some people won't like the game and that's ok
some fans: we didn't like the game
neil: you hate female characters and you are racists we don't want you to buy our games

by T 1 months ago

“There are going to be people who played the first that won’t like the second”


by LittleJohnny117 3 weeks ago

"fans of the first one, trust us"

bro, you couldnt even get people who never played the first one to ever trust you again.

by Fattymicfatfat 3 weeks ago

"Fans of the first game, have faith in us, we're gonna do right by you"


by Angry Polish Onion 3 weeks ago

"There's gonna be people that played the first game and won't like this game." "There's going to be people that didn't play the first game who will like this game." I didn't even play the first game and I didn't think the game was that good. The end was especially empty to me.

by Mood Swing 1 months ago

“The Last of Us is about these two characters specifically.”

plays half the game as Abby

by Stefan Iverson 1 months ago

At the end of the day, this game was just a miserable experience. The original game was very dark and depressing but it still had plenty of sweet, heartwarming moments and the development of a beautiful father-daughter relationship between a man who lost everything and a teenage girl who gave him hope again. There always was a glimmer of light in the darkness that was the original Last of Us. The sequel is nothing but heartbreak, loss, and despair. I know that was the point, but it doesn't make it good.

by philly_sports 3 weeks ago

Saw a deleted tweet, and felt that it needed to be kept alive.

“TLOU2 is revenge blue-balled.”

by Cpt. WaddleDoo 2 weeks ago

He gave anita an award???what????

That explains a lot.

by Ricardo Lujan 1 months ago

warcraft 3 reforged : i am the worst game EVER , right?

TLOU2 : hold my golf stick

by Daniel Andreas 3 weeks ago

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