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Why Is Bill Gates Buying Up Farmland Across The Country?

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Non-farmer Bill Gates is buying up farmland across the country, why? And the Walton family is getting heavily involved in dictating water policy..
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Interesting (disturbing) stuff. It's a shame that because of the anti-vax conspiracy theories, so many liberals now feel compelled to do free PR on Gate's behalf.

by Joseph Sedgwick 4 weeks ago

It's so bizarre to remember back to a time when Bill Gates was the most hated person in America...

by Stephen Price 4 weeks ago

David sounds better from this location/room

by scott klandl 4 weeks ago

Matt buddy, what camera are you using? Your shot looks nice and crisp.
Nice context bois. Will chip in to the patron next month x

by David Carlyon 4 weeks ago

Incredible the small amount of money (for these guys) it takes to just buy up everything

by ziroth12 4 weeks ago

It's easy to imagine Gates being very pro-GMO.
On the other hand, the more land in one person's hands makes it easier to reclaim in the public interest when the time comes...

by ninesquared 4 weeks ago

Great way to do a report and then broaden back out to critique of the larger system. Consider doing this for the majority of reports. Helps everyone tie it all together

by scott klandl 4 weeks ago

Could the US Government use eminent domain to buy up all of the poorest counties in each of the 50 states and pay the constituents in those clunties the ability to move, afford a new home and guarantee them a job?

Btw, we could use the land for energy production or better yet, plant trees to expand "green" to help fight climate change

by Wilhelm Heinzerling 4 weeks ago

To hammer the point home, you may have added that the reason that the Waltons gave money to save the water is to collect more water in a dam to redistribute it to the cities in the desert and in turn help maintain the population in those cities and in the long run, gain more from the water that they commoditize. So this specific thing is not only for public relations, but also part of a larger plan.

by Erdinç Çiftçi 4 weeks ago

But he gave us vaccines, So that means he is a good capitalist right? /s

by Dalt L 4 weeks ago

Everything you're saying is very troubling I have a question what do you think the end game is here? Matt for Brandon which horrible nightmare scenario that I can think of would you like to pick from? Haha George Orwell's 1984 anyone or maybe this is worse are we going to let them sell us water for the next two or three hundred years are we going to stop this from happening that's my real question

by biodigital jazz 4 weeks ago

Yeah intentions are meaningless. What's the outcomes ?

by mididoctors 4 weeks ago

Wtf!!!!! How is this shit allowed?!

by A Brooks 4 weeks ago

Bill Gates knows the Bible to well, as its says " One day wages for a hand full of Barley". He needs to make sure he is the one handing out the barley like the vacines

by SAGREEN 4 weeks ago

The revenge of the nerds. Bill Gates , Jeff Bezos.. Warren Bufett .. god damit... This goes directly to the next American exodus.. Let's get out of this hole.

by JoseLui Vega 4 weeks ago

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