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LIVE: Andrea Bocelli Performance & Full Everton Game

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Enjoy a re-run of Andrea Bocelli's amazing performance at King Power Stadium and Leicester City's 3-1 victory over Everton the day the Foxes lifted the 2015/16 Premier League trophy on Saturday 7 May, 2016.

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LCFC photo 1 LIVE: Andrea Bocelli Performance &... LCFC photo 2 LIVE: Andrea Bocelli Performance &... LCFC photo 3 LIVE: Andrea Bocelli Performance &... LCFC photo 4 LIVE: Andrea Bocelli Performance &...

i’m proud to say, i was there

season ticket holder since they came back up to the premier league and this was a moment i will never forget

by Irendy Oktaviary 5 months ago

What a day! I was lucky to be at the ground for this and have to admit I had tears of joy when Bocelli sang. It was the perfect way to cap what was the most incredible sporting story of all time.

by Anil Das-Gupta 1 year ago

What a classy way to celebrate a magical moment in time. Well done Claudio and Vichai. One for the ages.

by Ian Clark 1 year ago

Greatest moment in PL history. The day all teams and fans believed one day it could be them.

by Lost In The Specific 1 year ago

You never know who will be your teammates in the future 😎

by Golazo Media 8 months ago

Unbelievable what a journey for the fans and team an incredible story

Then to lose the chairman it must have been hell to go from such a high to such a low.
 Leicester you have my total respect from a Lyon fan

by ScotsLyon 1 year ago

Never thought I'd ever witness Opera in the Premier League, but it was actually so fitting and perfect. Such an emotional moment. For any fan that went to that game, whether a Leicester fan or even Everton for that matter, what a moment. Was great to also hear the fans chant those beautiful anthems with Bocelli, very classy and respectful. This is something that may not be seen again. They truly have witnessed a very special moment in history that majority of us will only see on a screen. Respect. Liverpool fan from Australia.

by l.cassar 9 9 months ago

Jose Mourinho singing in the beginning is everything lol 😂

by Edwin Vasquez 1 week ago

OMG im in tears rn this match is amazing FOXSES FOR EVER

by HAWLEY CASEY 2 months ago

i’m proud to say, i was there

season ticket holder since they came back up to the premier league and this was a moment i will never forget

by Two Beats Apart 1 year ago

the ultimate underdog story. Literally, from the bottom to the top!

by cacaf 11 months ago


by Leeroid86 1 year ago

Watching this 4 years on and still even as a Manchester City fan am Amazing storing this was for LEICESTER CITY

by cameron dempsey MCFC 1894 5 months ago

Mahrez to Stones: See you at City in a couple of years, yea?

by Zzyzzyzzs 11 months ago

I was there at this game. Can't remember much but what I do was great. Got a good shot of me on tv lol

by Stephen James 10 months ago

i was there, in one of the pubs over the main road next to the ground, on on that day, watching on tv, it was awesome , one big party.

by 999carpet 11 months ago

The foxs forever heart😍

by Mas Ryan 11 months ago

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