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WINNING WITH A PICKAXE Challenge - Fortnite BR

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LazarBeam photo 1 WINNING WITH A PICKAXE Challenge... LazarBeam photo 2 WINNING WITH A PICKAXE Challenge... LazarBeam photo 3 WINNING WITH A PICKAXE Challenge... LazarBeam photo 4 WINNING WITH A PICKAXE Challenge...

pls save me from eating dick....

by LazarBeam 2 years ago

Lazarbeam 2 years ago: Let’s win the match in the stupidest way possible
Lazarbeam today: Hold my beer

by Aaron 8 months ago

Lool he used to be soo bad 😂😂😂 seeing him play now is hella different lel

by Lozza Jacko 2 years ago

New drinking game: Every time he says Mary Poppins take a shot.

by Itz I Aiden I 2 years ago

Who is watching this 2020 just trying to remember good times?

by William Sullivan 1 month ago

The old days...
pickaxe was doing 11 damage
Flush was the place called the factory
Grenades had that white 2-D picture
A lot of people sucked
Everything about the map
There were different types of traps

by MapleSyrup 2 years ago

I have a Challenge for you, win a Fortnite battle Royale game with just EXPLOSIVE weapons like RPG or GRENADE LAUNCHER or just GRENADE! Like If you want Lazerbeam to do this challenge!

by Tim Kelso 2 years ago

To be honest Mary poppins did shoot someone with a shotgun

by Northeast Angler 2 years ago

You are literally doing better with only the pickaxe

by Alex 2 years ago

Therer are a lot of mysterious stuff going on in this world and one of them is the YOUTUBE RECOMMENDATIONS

by Bounty_ Ace 4 months ago

This is the birth of the LazarMeme we know today: WINNING WITH NOTHING BUT A PICKAXE

by Skillet Lord 1 year ago

Until now i never believed that players didnt build in season 1

by Yeet Boy 1 year ago

Every thing I say is meant to be stupidly
* 1 second later *
Don't do meth

by Pizza Patrick 1 year ago

I’m watching this in quartile and he sucked then lol

by Elliott Oliver 1 month ago

Lazarbeam you can edit the stuff you build you should try to make a beautiful home and survive in it

by Kaileb Overstreet 2 years ago

LAZARBEAM!! First, you got better then I usually do... ._. and the most amazing thing


by walter 2 years ago

difference between pewdiepie and lazarbum? well lazarbeams a BLOODY LEGEND!

by Dark Era Gaming 2 years ago

Me seeing lannans old vids and seeing how he's gotten so much better and grown his channel so much more is just the best seeing the way he's changed over like 2 years is so weird yet so cool to see how he has grown way more confident in his videos and knows alot more about what he's doing it just makes my day seeing how much you've changed 💕

by Jules_FN_HFF 2 months ago

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