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i became a TAXI DRIVER

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woo very epic taxi driving memes
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LazarBeam photo 1 i became a TAXI DRIVER LazarBeam photo 2 i became a TAXI DRIVER LazarBeam photo 3 i became a TAXI DRIVER LazarBeam photo 4 i became a TAXI DRIVER

Next : Win a game while playing in a taxi in real life.

by Yash Patel 3 months ago

video isn’t going as planned

Lazar: we got fresh in the game now

by SupaHot Ramen 2 months ago

Lazarbeam: Taxis are for delivering people, not for killing!

Me: Then deliver him to Hell!

by Eli Milleman 2 months ago

Bruh they added this as a gamemode

by flat pancake 2 months ago

I got into a cab the other day with a dummy driver... lol, that might have been you?

by Pasicci 3 months ago

Lannan: I want to be a uber driver. Lannan's Dad: Your an embarrassment

by Orson Fowler 3 months ago

why did Joogie quit i haven't seen him in any of your videos in such a long time and he hasn't posted either

like so he can see

by ThrillZ YLG 3 months ago

They need to bring back 50 v 50 and bring in an ambulance so lazar can redo his old vid about being a fortnite nurse

by Shabzi 3 months ago

"I guess I'm just a useless taxi driver"

by Talan Stewart 3 months ago

Be a gas station worker and fill peoples cars when they come by

Edit: omg i have never had this much support thank you all. You made my day

by Max Dunner 3 months ago

Lannan's every vid when he can't beat his own idea "I hired my son to make people go night night forever"😂

by RexLayZ 3 months ago

what the heck I didn’t know that you could do that

by Queen A 3 months ago

didn’t realise that Uber drivers gave stars to their customers

by TBD Bad Panda 2 months ago

lazarbeam as a taxi: alright' mate your uber is here

The sweats: destroys the uber and ruins the fun

sweats are a kill counter

by CraftedPixel - Roblox 3 months ago

Does anyone remember when he rescued people in storm with a golf cart. Memories. That vid was great.

by Jack L 3 months ago

Lazarbeam: becomes a taxi driver
Me: kills the last guy with a taxi oh hell na

by PSY Thakkudu 2 months ago

This makes me think about how ppl use their acquaintances to drive them around but don't care about them lol

by ?????? 3 months ago

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