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Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 5/14/2010 Amanda Seyfried, Isabel Allende

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Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 5/14/2010.
Guests: Amanda Seyfried, Isabel Allende

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I miss Craig... :(

I just got chills singing the intro song ... this show was so perfect to watch after a long day.. I know it's not gonna work but.. please come back Craig, Geoff and Secretariat :(

by PopaSquach 5 years ago

Craig is just an amazing communicator.
Amanda is having and anxiety attack in front of a whole studio audience on national TV and he does a great job in trying to make her feel at ease. Poor thing, I hope Amanda conquered her social anxiety and raised her self esteem.

by handsomehippo 3 years ago

It actually calms me down and made me laugh seeing how someone as beautiful and talented as Amanda also can struggle with anxiety, and she pushed through this interview! (I realize famous people are humans but a lot of times they seem perfect) and it's reassuring to see that anxiety is notmal !

by kat tekla 3 years ago

Amanda Seyfried has such a wonderful personality. A charmer.

by Frankincensed 4 years ago

Whoever is reading this. Donโ€™t be hard on yourself. Itโ€™s not worth the mental anguish or inevitable self-medication. Craig is the epitome of that. 2019 to Infiniti ๐Ÿค˜

by brownboy12691 1 year ago

Amanda Seyfried is insanely gorgeous!

by Richard Ikin 3 years ago

Does anyone else love the theme music especially the end credits where it's just instrumental? Please say someone else does lol

by Lee Warner 2 years ago

Wow Amanda seemed so adorably nervous haha

by Michael B 4 years ago

Craig should host a show where he just interviews writers.

by Jack Borden 5 years ago

Is sound advice from Craig XD

by Chase H. 4 years ago

Bees have knees, they're called trochanters.
I'm a huge nerd and I'm ok with it.

by Miguel Quinto 3 years ago

This man always gives me a good laugh everynight while watching his episodes here on youtube. damn, i miss his shows. real legend

by Creepy TeeBee - Topic 11 months ago

min "when its a weird country....gotta read the maps"

XD ย hilaaaaarious!

by RideMyTruck 5 years ago

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