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Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize. John Oliver suggests some representations of southern pride that involve less racism and more Stephen Colbert.
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"Books and museums are how we record history. Statues are how we glorify people."
Very very good point.

by Ethan Tokko 2 years ago

Who's here in 2020 because we're still having this conversation?

by Jennifer 3 weeks ago

"All history should be remembered, but not all history should be celebrated."

by William H. Baird 2 weeks ago

I’ve watched and rewatched this episode, I wanted to announce here today that Mississippi finally retired it’s confederate based flag today. Thanks for keeping this subject alive. July 4 2020.

by Loren Renee 4 weeks ago

I wonder how the Jews would feel if they had to look at statues of Hitler with someone saying Hey we all have a little Hitler in us right ?

by Michael Laverty 2 weeks ago

I’m German and imagine if we would have Hitler monuments around here because it is “part of our history”.

by Laura Margolusová 2 years ago

Putting up confederate statues is like handing out participation trophies to the side that lost.

by Nathan Roe 2 weeks ago

To people who say it is part of their history, the Nazi's were around longer that the confederates. Do you see statues of Hitler and Himmler in Berlin or Munich? No you do not. All history has to be remembered, not all has to be celebrated.

by Kaiser Calvin 1 4 weeks ago

I was born and raised and still live on the south. I never understood people's love for the Confederacy. They say they love America then fly the flag that committed treason. The statues are clearly racist. It really bums me out.

by William Johnson 3 weeks ago

I'm proud to say that one of my ancestors was a member of the underground railroad. Now THAT'S Something to be proud of.

by new age delinquent 1 weeks ago

I grew up in "north" and married someone from the deep south. Let me tell you, the culture shock was severe. I grew up with the knowledge of slavery, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King jr. etc, from grade school. My ex however, grew up hearing about Confederate heroes like they were knights in a fairy tale. They gloss over the WHY and focus on the so called "glory" of their battles as if they were rebels for some sacred cause. It is tied to their identity. It is part of their pride. When you bring up the horrible, indefensible truth of WHY- they scoff, and are offended you even bring it up as if you were talking crap about their dead grandmother.

Just my observation. They need to divorce their identity from that toxic history as much as I needed my actual divorce.

The south needs to be reminded that the heroes who ended slavery, are their heroes too! And they are far far more worthy of statues, and tradition we can be proud of.

Flies with honey.

by Kahldria Leighsun 1 years ago

This is a very relevant show considering it’s two years old and I am seeing it July 6, 2020.

by Mr. Q 3 weeks ago

“Who was working that farm”
- top ten anime death blows

by Joe Schmo 3 weeks ago

As a foreigner, I was shocked the first time I saw a Robert E Lee statue and confederate flags. Did I learn the US history wrong? Was the statue a "shame" statue, one that is supposed to be spat on? I read in the news today that a bunch of people carried confederate flags to Gettysburg this July 4 to "protect" the site. What? And what?? And what??? Apparently having those statues fails to tell the history the right way

by speicaldark 4 weeks ago

Yeah, imagine if in Germany, there would be a Hitler statue in every city.

And yeah, I'm comparing Hitler with Confederate leaders.

by Max Schmidt 3 weeks ago

"The confederacy wasn't racist! They just fought for states rights!"
States right's to do what....

by The Realist 2 years ago

My favorite statistic is that My Little Pony Friendship is Magic was on air almost twice as long as the confederacy existed. A show meant to sell pony dolls lasted longer than the confederacy. Think about that.

by TheIntimateAvenger 3 weeks ago

What the F is Donald Trump talking about "our" history. I'm equally puzzled at the vociferousness with which he has taken-up the cause of the Confederacy. He is not southern and is barely second-generation American.

by g1a1r1y3 2 weeks ago

It’s like Germany having Nazi Statues to remember their history!!!

by Jeff 3 weeks ago

Some modern confederate: It's part of our history!
Everyone else: You're literally older than the goddamn statue.

Love how no one cared about history in school but now people wanna interpret shit like their life depends on it instead of looking at straight facts.

Side note, in case u need to be told explicitly: CONFEDERACY = VILLAINS/BAD GUYS OF AMERICA

by Shamini Saravanan 3 weeks ago

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