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Timothy Omundson on stroke recovery, ‘Psych’ film, & ‘This is Us’ role

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Timothy Omundson has an inspiring conversation with Larry King about why he considers himself lucky after surviving a massive stroke and how he keeps a positive attitude. He also discusses his latest roles in ‘Psych’ and ‘This is Us.’
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Larry King photo 1 Timothy Omundson on stroke recovery,... Larry King photo 2 Timothy Omundson on stroke recovery,... Larry King photo 3 Timothy Omundson on stroke recovery,... Larry King photo 4 Timothy Omundson on stroke recovery,...

Monk and Psych were the two best shows ever produced by USA and they have shaped my taste in shows. Stay healthy, Timothy Omundson, such a great guy

by GinegeCassie 8 months ago

I worked with this man for 7 seasons of Psych, I have total respect and a fondness for him.

by James Harris 8 months ago

I am so glad to see not just how well he's doing physically but emotionally and mentally. I wonder if the Psych movies are just an excuse for all these actors to get back together and enjoy each other's company, and the fact that us psych-o's are ecstatic is just a bonus. We're glad Lassie will be back, but all that really matters is that Tim is back. I hope they make a hundred more psych movies

by Adam Place 8 months ago

The first time I saw Timothy was in the Disney channel movie Luck of the Irish and I loved him in that and I loved him in Psych

by Brian Cohen 8 months ago

ok not to derail the conversation but does Timothy look like an older version of Link from Good Mythical Morning?

by Corey Griffin 8 months ago

You can still hear some trouble with this pronounciation, but its incredible how he recovered

by G Hoyabembe 8 months ago

I had no idea they cut out a part of his skull. This whole thing sounds like a nightmare to go thru and so scary. Glad he has recovered so much

by Killingaprilfoolsday 8 months ago

He’s such a good “grumpy” guy. Lassiter was a likable guy once you discovered his own story. I never met this man but I’d give him a hug if I could. Best wishes to him.

by Martin Jaramillo 3 months ago

Hearing him laugh when he says "Lassie Come Home" at , you know he's going to be okay. He's such a strong person, and I hope he continues to get better and have a great life.

by radio fuel 8 months ago

Lowkey didn’t know Larry King was still alive.

by Quoth The Raven 7 months ago

Loved him on Psych and on Galavant as King Richard.

by Poppy Reads 8 months ago

I love Timothy Omundson. He's marvelous as Carlton Lassiter. He was also fantastic as God Johnson in that episode of Lucifer. Plus so many other things. Heartbreaking to see him like this, but also inspiring. i know he'll get better and better. He's a fighter.

by Tom Gallagher 8 months ago

I have been wondering about his recovery. He looks and sounds great, and I hope he improves even more. Life and health are precious!

by K.S. Nichols 8 months ago

Dang it sucks that he still has problems pronouncing words and stutters. It sucks seeing him like this. I really hope he fully heals

by David Stephens 8 months ago

Loved him as Lassie! Also even as Cain on "Supernatural" he was a likable bad guy. Get well Mr. Omundson

by Chanda Finch 6 hours ago

I't been rewatching Psych recently, and Lassie is one of my favorite characters. I actually remember him in Luck of the Irish from Disney. He is an amazing and strong person. You are inspiring!!!

by Sloane Crazybear 8 months ago

It seems incredibly difficult for him to talk about. 
You can tell his speech is a little affected.

by triscuitbiscuit 8 months ago

I had no idea this happened! So glad Timothy's recovering well...big Psych fan!

by Shari T 8 months ago

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