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TikTok Ban Explained

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The ban on TikTok means more than you think. I explain why it should or shouldn't be banned, and what we can do in this decision phase..
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by laowhy86 3 months ago

I'm one of those few that doesn't have the app

by Lone Note 3 months ago

Very important content! Great explanation about the CCP.

by Peter Santenello 2 months ago

old soviet joke
sergei: did you hear, in america, they can critisize their own president

vladimir: what do you mean? we can also critisize their president

by gapi potok 3 months ago

People : "Tik Tok is stealing my information!"
Also people : "Sure, I'll give my calculator access to my contacts"

by TheLoneCabbage 3 months ago

"We need to go through a legal process & prove they are a threat to our system"
Meanwhile, in India: Lol, out. The door's that way.

by Arkadeep Kundu 3 months ago

Ban tik Tok already. Theres too many things wrong with it to count.

by nikki aviv 3 months ago

China - bans 80% of all internet content
World - doesn`t give a *
India - bans one application (TikTok)
China: "Did I just lose my biggest market with 118 mio. yearly downloads?"
U.S: - also bans TikTok
China: "Did I just lose my most profitable market, which accounts for 56% of my revenue"?

by Jasna Janez 1 month ago

It’s so useless and cringe

by Brian Yang 3 months ago

There's a TicToc ad at the intro of this vid. China knows how to troll

by indeed! 3 months ago

I didn't know that Christmas was coming early ᕕ( ՞ ᗜ ՞ )ᕗ

by kyoka cho 2 months ago

the girl: curls eyelashes the dude:see we have a girl here curling her eyebrows

by Pretty lil' Robloxian 2 months ago

I hope they ban ticktack(tiktok) in the phillipines

Edit:i want ban tik tok bc they post some nonesense like august 27 nonsense and the zombi shenanigans

by Nazarene Pogi 1 month ago

at this point idagf coz I feel like TikTok is overrated...

by Steven Ng 3 months ago

I agree that censorship is bad, however, if they are stealing IPs and personal information I'd say the concern is extremely warranted.

by Colin McNamara 3 months ago

Another problem with Chinese software on American cellphones is : Take a single young American sailor on an aircraft carrier with a Chinese app like Tic Tok or We Chat. The CCP has access to satellites that can find that phone and bingo targeting data for missiles. This is a real worry of the US Navy and our government.

by SoloTodo 3 months ago

SO SCARY when the giant man approaches you

by BROSAN 3 months ago

If India had balls to ban tiktok, why america doesnt?

by Pseudo Life 3 months ago

Even my dad knows what TikTok is 😂😂😂

by ItzCupcakee 2 months ago

The Chinese government read 1984 and thought "we can do better."

by scerdy3 3 months ago

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