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What Really Happened Between The Lakers And Dwight Howard?

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Sucks losing Dwight and only having him for a year. Especially after his first stint ended in 2013 and for him to win a championship with us. I really wish he would have stayed longer but I wish him nothing but the best. We’ll miss you Dwight. Thanks for everything.

by Dante 92 2 months ago

Dwight could have easily gotten 5 million from some teams if he had waited and tested free agency longer. He under values himself , He needs to fire his agent.

by KC Knows Best 2 months ago

I think we enjoyed Howard's contributions this past season, but as you said we wish him the best in Philly!

by One Life2Live 2 months ago

Nothing but love and respect for dwight. He did great for us. He was a vital part of our championship run. Wish we couldve kept him. But its what it is. Thanks dwight!

by champagnepapi 2 months ago

Dwhights only fault was being too excited to be a laker, thats actually the exact mentality we would want from him, Hes gonna help philly alot, Dwhight does great when he feels the need to prove something.

by Seth TNC 9ER Smith 2 months ago

I think Howard knows about the Harrell signing and might have felt disappointed so he switch teams. I'm kinda sad for Dwight though.

by A Spoon 2 months ago

Dwight was amazing for the Lakers ! I wish him nothing but the best !

by Leo Ortiz 2 months ago

This situation is bizarre to me. Dwight should still be a laker. He would have gotten plenty of time at the center position because he clearly was performing better than McGee. He could have been playing alongside Anthony Davis and or Harris depending on who was in the game. I wish him the best but this was a lack of patience on his agents part. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

by Good Man Great Heart 2 months ago

Dude I loved Dwight, out of all the people leaving (and those potentially leaving) right now this one hurts the most.

by Connor Wishart 2 months ago

He should drop his agent. He could have gotten a better deal with other teams or with lakers if he waited

by HiPe50 2 months ago

I don’t blame him, because they probably wouldn’t have let him play a lot of minutes.

by Christopher Mikrowelle 2 months ago

Hey he got his ring and helped us get #17....best wishes

by Domeo 2 months ago

If this is true, then he and/or his agent is not adept at negotiating. If he really wanted to be a Laker, his agent screwed him over . .

by AweSum PowerZ 2 months ago

Sad Howard's leaving for a bad deal . A real shame when he wanted to stay.

by John choy 2 months ago

There’s got to be more the story of not being able to wait another few minutes to hear back from the Lakers. I think he must have been told that the Lakers were going after another big and he was plan B or C.

by Felipe Mandujano 2 months ago

I’m going to miss Dwight 😔
His humility and energy he brought to the team last season was something else. Thank you and good luck, Dwight!

by John Kim 2 months ago

Dwight is the type of person that just wanted some attention. I feel like we didn't do enough to keep him. I love the moves so far but this one stung...watching someone who has lost their way finding a better route was an honor. Thank you Dwight...You'll always be a Champion!

by thedirty530 2 months ago

I would just keep him to play against the joker , he was so efficient.

by Lebron James 2 months ago

Waiting for ownership’s approval? Not sure I buy that. Hard to believe this “concept” wasn’t already planned before the FA window opened.

by Señor Budd 2 months ago

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