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Interview with Kristin Cavallari

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I was invited to the opening of Uncommon James to interview Kristin and she was totally down to talk about Laguna, The Hills, and what sheโ€™s up to now!
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Laguna Biotch photo 1 Interview with Kristin Cavallari Laguna Biotch photo 2 Interview with Kristin Cavallari Laguna Biotch photo 3 Interview with Kristin Cavallari Laguna Biotch photo 4 Interview with Kristin Cavallari

She always has a way with saying Jessica lol

by M H 2 years ago

Such a cool girl. Always her true self.

by MBoivin Art 2 years ago

She is super gorgeous and charismatic. How did you nail this interview?

by Bonnie Jackson 8 months ago

She still so beautiful

by chibaby 1 year ago

I absolutely love the fact that she is so open and real! She is so truthful about what went down. She is so funny and charming! Love her!

by Connie Hajek 2 years ago

Love Kristen!
What you see is what you get!

by Jaime Clark 1 year ago

Lucky! Kristen looks beautiful. I want go her store so bad.

by Grace Bediako 2 years ago

This was a great interview. Thanks for posting

by Taylor Downing 4 months ago

Ive grown to really like Kristen. I loved LC growing up and still do

by sk8rgrlteen 2 years ago

Sheโ€™s down to earth, and beautiful!

by maippo100 1 month ago

Another great interview! Thanks.

by Sharon M.T. 5 months ago

Kristin!!!! I love love love her!!!!

by Rose1087 2 years ago

She's a much lovelier girl nowadays.

by steppinout67 10 months ago

LC and Kristin's voices have changed since both of them are mommies now.

by Karl M 1 year ago

Jessica has 4 kids. . Kristen you have 3 kids lol not a big difference but okay girl ๐Ÿคฃ

by Nicole Smith 5 months ago

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