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When ONE player gets *EVERY* Mythical Weapon! (22 Elims)

Lachlan photo 1 When ONE player gets *EVERY*... Lachlan photo 2 When ONE player gets *EVERY*... Lachlan photo 3 When ONE player gets *EVERY*... Lachlan photo 4 When ONE player gets *EVERY*...

It’s cool to see everyone kind of excited for this game again

by Marina Jay 1 month ago

lachy: oh i got 20 elims. ok cool

me when i get 5 elims: oh my i am cracked

by Nocturnal Playz 1 month ago

“I haven’t seen defaults in literally a year”

Me: The only skins I see ARE defaults!

by Hydrospade8000 - Games - 1 month ago

Kills a bot after missing a blank shot: let’s goooo we do be fragging

by ben O 2 days ago

lacey after every kill: “LeT’s gOaRe”

by Sam Ryan 1 month ago

I have an idea for a vid

Do this with ur PWR members, where you guys only loot skins with some type of yellow on it, representing ur team logo, I doubt u will see this, but just a suggestion

by Isaiah Rojas 1 month ago

He said there no that good lol I just requires skill now

by Venom Magician 21 hours ago

He says there not really good but last season they where overpowered

by Jafar Murtaja 1 week ago

it’s just a glitch where you can’t see there skin

by Jeremy Orpen 2 weeks ago

Lachlan: Did they turn off skill based match making.
Me: Gets destroyed by everyone in the match.

by Snap Shot 2.0 1 month ago

Imagine fresh was the final player and ruined his 20 bomb

by andrew buchanan 1 month ago

Lachlan: Mythic Season 2 took 4 hours
Also Lachlan: this ones harder, takes one attempt

by Steve Araneo 4 weeks ago

Is it just me or does his lobby’s seem way to easy for his skill set

by Will Thompson 2 days ago

Me: has 30 wins with sweat lobbies, Lachlan: has over 300 wins and gets bots

by SpiderBull 1 month ago

This is why I want Mythic items in Creative, this loadout looks so fun to use. I'm never going to be able to actually use this in a public game

by ShadowDragon258 1 month ago

Lachlan: Getting all the default bots
Me: Getting all the sweaty soccer skins

by Lyra 1 month ago

So we gon pretend he ain’t just say the mythic weapons ain’t good

by Malik Mosley 6 days ago

Me gets a 5 kill doub: LETS GO!!!

Lachy gets a 22 kill doub: GG's🤣😎

by ARK_Vision 4 weeks ago

Kids: lets get a mythic lachy: i dont think so

by Vera Negara 2 weeks ago

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