8 months ago
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So I got 100 *RARE* Elves in a Game of Fortnite!

Lachlan photo 1 So I got 100 *RARE*... Lachlan photo 2 So I got 100 *RARE*... Lachlan photo 3 So I got 100 *RARE*... Lachlan photo 4 So I got 100 *RARE*...

me just watching lachlan:

my mom walks in:

by Dalton__ Jacob 10 months ago

"Also the recon expert but thats never coming back" -Lachy


by Föja 4 months ago

Imagine that feeling when someone ruins your chance to get 1000$

by Optal 10 months ago

No one:
Literally no one:
Boomers when they see a Facebook meme:

by Sanburrito Man 10 months ago

when you try too much “coke”

by Slykka 10 months ago

Who is here after the elves aren’t rare

by WillTheWise 9 months ago

Lachlan: " the elf skin is the rarest skin in the game except og skull , og ghoul and recon expert"

Renegade raider: "am I a joke to you ?"

by ciphzz 10 months ago

when you “choke too hard”

by Slykka 10 months ago

I don’t think the recon exepert is coming back

by Landon Slifka 4 months ago

the guy on the left with a minty pickaxe didn’t do the 360

by Sushipie24 10 months ago

Lachlan: And the recon but that's probably not coming back

Epic Games: Hold my beer

by aricketts108 3 months ago

I was the guy that cucked the other dude trying to hide lmao rip

by Devin Turanik 10 months ago

that would of killed you teammat btw

by Skyler Clark 9 months ago

Lachlan got 69 kills 😂

by M A U I 10 months ago

“Lachy” well the recon is not coming back

“Epic” Are u sure about that

by Gavin Roberson 4 months ago

Lachlan: rarrest skin recon expert but u dont think it's coming back out

Me: well that happened

by Kaplowy 3 months ago

Lachlan: “I got 100 elves in a game!”

If you don’t want to rage, do not try this at home

by Blair 10 months ago

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