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Rainbow Charged Shotgun Challenge!

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Today I tackle two Fortnite challenges at once! Charged Shotgun ONLY & I have to loot one of each color to complete the rainbow!
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Lachlan photo 1 Rainbow Charged Shotgun Challenge! Lachlan photo 2 Rainbow Charged Shotgun Challenge! Lachlan photo 3 Rainbow Charged Shotgun Challenge! Lachlan photo 4 Rainbow Charged Shotgun Challenge!

Imagine a Lachlan icon series skin and he’s wearing his power hoodie that would be sick

by Tom Bruhn 1 month ago

“ I’m a hunting rifle only “

Top 10 last words before death

by Kevin Why 5 days ago

Lachlan: survives with only a green shotgun
Me: gets the best loot in the whole game and is afraid of bots

by Randomness Channel 3 weeks ago

Lachlan: If you’ve never heard of honey

Me: You don’t watch Mr. Beast

by Elmo Man824 1 month ago

Fortnite Daily Challenge: Get every single Charge Shotgun in the game and win.

Lachlan: Are you challenging me?

by A Child 1 month ago

Lachlan: “takes only three clicks” Mrbeast: “takes only two clicks”

by Jimmaayyy 1 month ago

Him: if you never heard of Honey

Me: I watch Mr.Beast...

by gamerkids 12 1 month ago

lachy: makes a trious with epic games.

fresh: let me get some points

by MDRGamerH D 1 month ago

Lachlan: have u heard of honey?!
Me that watches Mr Beast
Me: am I a joke to u!
(Btw no hate to neither of the youtubers, I love em both)

by The Last1000 1 month ago

“It’s gonna start off from green” doesn’t a rainbow start with red..

by hotwater 1 month ago

Lachlan: o that’s a bot
Me: sees my name by eliminated👁👄👁

by x2Grant 1 month ago

Rocky can you play with me I'm scared can you get me a gun and ammo please I'm a huge fan of you and

by Olivia Smith 1 day ago

Lachy: Some things you just dont question
Also Lachy: Where the heck is my next piece of the ranbow?

by Sword Popper 3 weeks ago

Imagine still not knowing how to use the charge shotgun after a week of using it (me). R.I.P pumps😪

by Dreamer 1 month ago

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