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I Caught the ULTRA *Rare* Midas Flopper (OP)

#fortnite battle royale #season x #season 10 #epic games #Gaming
Today we got a new Fortnite update and the long awaited, Midas Flopper was secretly activated in the game! So you know we did what we do best, fish..
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#games #battle royal #gaming #lachy #laclan #esports #lachlan lachy fortnite battle royale pubg battlegrounds #duos #lachlan #lacy #video games #fortnite #new season

Lachlan photo 1 I Caught the ULTRA *Rare*... Lachlan photo 2 I Caught the ULTRA *Rare*... Lachlan photo 3 I Caught the ULTRA *Rare*... Lachlan photo 4 I Caught the ULTRA *Rare*...

fortnite should add a donkey fish

by Tpulse 3 weeks ago

My favourite part abt Lachlan is the fact that he’s not clickbait

by ShrimpPie 2 weeks ago

Video idea: Lachlan can only kill skins that he can name

by FORTNITE X TRENDS 3 weeks ago

My best friend caught the Midas floppier by the Athourity

by shane1273 2 days ago

“It looks so disgusting, I love it!”
-Lachlan 2020

by Vortex 3 weeks ago

where he gets it if you wanna just skip to there

by Tornado 3 weeks ago

“I ACTUALLY GOT IT! It looks so disgusting! I LOVE IT!”

-Lachy 2020

by Neo_Obdious 3 weeks ago

Literally 99% wont see this but God bless you and stay safe I’m struggling to get 5k with notifications 🤧

by Lahsora 1 week ago

When you realize they took out purple and gold pistols💀😭

by KingGamer 3 weeks ago

Me who’s frustrated that Lachlan doesn’t even know you can only get the Midas flopper at Authority.

by I am the best - Gaming 2 weeks ago

Me just in my head “IT’S ONLY IN THE AGENCY”

by Eloy Rios 2 weeks ago

I caught the vendetta and Midas fish in one hour on the same day

by Brayden Crowley 1 day ago

When I got it I was so exited my friend even gifted me the zombified emote

by LDV 1 day ago

Lachlan: takes all night

Me: catches it in 2 try’s

by Corrupted One 1 week ago

Can you do random Marvel challenge?
I did it once.

by Kristina Lamm 3 weeks ago

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