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Fortnite Olympics Challenge w/ Fresh, Loserfruit & Creamy!

#gaming #duos #esports #season x #Gaming
Today we compete against Fresh, Loserfruit and McCreamy in the ultimate Fortnite Tournament..
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Lachlan photo 1 Fortnite Olympics Challenge w/ Fresh,... Lachlan photo 2 Fortnite Olympics Challenge w/ Fresh,... Lachlan photo 3 Fortnite Olympics Challenge w/ Fresh,... Lachlan photo 4 Fortnite Olympics Challenge w/ Fresh,...

Fun fact: Lachy could have won the fruit challenge by throwing the fireflies on himself

by David Ayala 1 week ago

The fact that Lachy didn’t use the fire fly to hurt himself to eat the apple. 🍎 🔥

by Parker VanAlstyne 5 days ago

creamy pinging the llama
me : thats a pro snipers eyes for you

by AsTEC Marti 1 week ago

Lachlan: "Right now I've just got donuts, and that's not great"

Me: "I'd love some donuts right now"

by Avi Gibler 1 week ago

“Last to be alive” fresh and creamy have flashbacks to lannans meme olympics

by Qui_Gon12 Qui_Gon12 1 week ago

The fact that fresh was using a controller was kinda toxic, literally could see it say b to build

by SG_strange YT 1 week ago

Me a switch player: crying in the corner with 30 fps

by Josegadt 711 1 week ago

I want the one plus so I can give it to my friend cos he can’t play on mobile anymore

by itzloomsy 1 day ago

I can’t use my phone anymore I miss xp farming with bots :(

by Aiden Brock 1 week ago

Lachy: dissing consoles at

Me: bringing all of Lachy’s pc scuffed gameplay

by 03X 1 week ago

I slapped my head a trillion times while watching this, I’ve played on mobile since season 5.

by Reevee 2 days ago

When mobile got deleted and he’s on mobile

by Jxyce Playz 1 day ago

Lachlan: get your oneplus device
Me: laughs in bhangra boogie

by Dark Fire X Clan 6 days ago

Lachy: The new OnePlus phone is the best for gaming
Asus: Hold my beer

by Abhigna Vijjapurapu 6 days ago

Fresh was just playling whit a controller

by Cas Huizinga 1 day ago

Me: My PC only averages 20 FPS .Lachy’s phone averages 90 FPS and his computer averages a holy lot of frames I am sad😭

by Frank Hande 1 week ago

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