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Fortnite But Shark Loot ONLY Challenge!

#laclan #new season #duos #lachy #Gaming
Today we only take loot from sharks and try to win Fortnite!
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#lachlan lachy fortnite battle royale pubg battlegrounds #fortnite #season x #lachlan #lacy #season 10 #fortnite battle royale #epic games #battle royal

Lachlan photo 1 Fortnite But Shark Loot ONLY... Lachlan photo 2 Fortnite But Shark Loot ONLY... Lachlan photo 3 Fortnite But Shark Loot ONLY... Lachlan photo 4 Fortnite But Shark Loot ONLY...

For anyone asking how my famas went from a grey to a green, I upgraded it... Code Lachy

by Lachlan 3 weeks ago

I love how Lachy rages, he doesn’t swear he just rages in a funny way.

by Brownie_21_11 3 weeks ago

Only 90's kids remember the last time Lachy completed a challenge

by Joshua Roper 3 weeks ago

Lachlan: he has no heals
Also Lachlan: he’ll beat me in a heal game
Me: but he has no heals

by Sophie Clive 3 weeks ago

once Lachlan started singing that my little brother came out of nowhere are started jamming to this lol now he won’t stop 😠

by Tony Hanna 3 weeks ago

Hey, my uncle did this challenge in real life, he’s gone now, he didn’t have mats

by Felipe Alves Silva 3 weeks ago

imagine he just went and got loot and put there then saying it did 😂😂

by Seth Curtain 3 weeks ago

When he said everyone is cheating I thought he was turning into ninja lol

by Sub Cake 3 weeks ago

why does he seem weird in this vid?
and im straight but he’s mad cute

by Hamd Ahmed 3 weeks ago

If he really wanted to he could let the shark eat any loot he wants and then kill the shark so he can use the weapon he wants

by SB_ Vibezz 3 weeks ago


Lachlan: I got to eat someone and steal their ammo..

Me: Wait.. What?

by 1000 subs for me dog 3 weeks ago

I just came back from watching his minecraft parody :"I Am Beleiving" good old days

by Static AliDrip 3 weeks ago

Lachlan: “And I’m still not off the hook yet” Me: 🤦🏽‍♂️🤩😂😭

by YUNGG KID GHOST 3 weeks ago


Not even mongrall:

Lachy: “ok everyone is cheating

by Owen BoneX 3 weeks ago

The part where lachy started singing baby shark made my day

by Liil Westy 3 weeks ago

Lachy: little challange inspiration from shark skins
People who know others have done the challenge in videos: Right...

by Gomi Games 3 weeks ago

Lachlan when he dies:

by ICYF1ED 3 weeks ago

Lachy: come here sharky boy

by deandelion 3 weeks ago

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