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Fortnite added a FLARE Gun!

#epic games #fortnite #lachlan #lacy #Gaming
Flare gun but you cant find it for 4 hours...
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#battle royal #lachy #lachlan lachy fortnite battle royale pubg battlegrounds #season x #new season #duos #fortnite battle royale #season 10 #laclan

Lachlan photo 1 Fortnite added a FLARE Gun! Lachlan photo 2 Fortnite added a FLARE Gun! Lachlan photo 3 Fortnite added a FLARE Gun! Lachlan photo 4 Fortnite added a FLARE Gun!

Lachlan: I've been looking for 4 hours to find this
Me: my fortnite hasn't even finished Updating

by Ninjuhmations 1 week ago

When Lachy plays with the flare gun: gun looks amazing

When I play with the flare gun: the weapon looks shit

by Daan Terryn 1 week ago

Anyone else realise that his skin is a old henchman?

by Josh Aiken 1 week ago

Lachlan: imagine loosing, I couldn’t.
Also Lachlan: Lost
“Sad noises intensifies”

by Albin Winquist 1 week ago

Lachlan: "Omg iMaGInE LoSiNg"

"five minutes later"


by Zak Richardson 1 week ago

Lachy: starts vid with flare gun

by Varia XI 1 week ago

Me: skips 2 mins
Lauchy: I need this gun
Me: skips some more
Also lauchy: I just found 2 in 5 seconds

by Maria Slater 1 week ago

The reason why the dude was “invincible” was because at that time the p90 couldn’t do any damage, the devs have fixed it now

by Daniel Tapner 1 week ago

Lachy:Imagine losing, I cant Also lachy end game*Loses*

by HD Relαy 1 week ago

Lachy: Looks for one for 4 hours

Daniel and Mau: Find 5 in the same match accidentaly

by Josh Hillman 1 week ago

Lachlan: uploads a fortnite video

Me: still waiting for episode 2 of pixelmon...

by Bob 1 week ago

“This is disgusting, and it makes me sick to my stomach”
Lachlan 2020

by Charlie Horrocks 1 week ago

lachlan: ImAgInE lOoSiNg
litlerally 2 minutes later:

by S̶u̶ ̶T̶a̶r̶t̶ 1 week ago

Lachlan: OMG the chest was right there.

Me: I saw that before you landed.

by Chevy Vadovic 1 week ago

my man said gonna ez kill i can turn my godmode off lachy crack im not not today 😂😂😂

by Isaiah IG: vFiizie 1 week ago

Lachy: I barely found 1


by B-EIGHT 1 week ago

Lachlan: takes 4 hours to find flare gun
Me: take 15 minutes

by Riddec P. 1 week ago

when he said CHEESEBUST! i felt that😔

by Sidzy 1 week ago

"Who else went straight to the comments"😂

Thanks nexiph for commenting on my video

by Ibz ktv 1 week ago

Lol when he said “so now fortnite want to give out flare guns”

by Faye Spilman 1 week ago

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