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Cheating in Fortnite Hide & Seek...

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Today we play hide and seek on the ENTIRE map... but I get a flare gun.
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#fortnite battle royale #lachlan lachy fortnite battle royale pubg battlegrounds #laclan #epic games #games #gaming #duos #lachy #season 10 #battle royal #new season #fortnite #esports

Lachlan photo 1 Cheating in Fortnite Hide &... Lachlan photo 2 Cheating in Fortnite Hide &... Lachlan photo 3 Cheating in Fortnite Hide &... Lachlan photo 4 Cheating in Fortnite Hide &...

No flare gun can find my dad. He's been hiding for 14 years now.

by Rishan Bheda 4 months ago

This isn’t even hide and seek it’s just run for your life and try let him not see you

by BOT 》〉》 4 months ago

For the 1% Reading This, Have a great day/night 🌟

by kane 4 months ago

Me: I think that’s the only way Lachy can break his kill record

by Dlynxz 4 months ago

Lachy: "Imagine Worthy was here..."
kills radius

by SammyOnSwitch 3 months ago

anyone else notice?
that was radius
Lachy didn't see

by Instinct Flixx 4 months ago

“There’s one there’s two and I didn’t even see you” Lachy -2020

by Bread With Butter 4 months ago

thank you lachy, no problem😂🔥🌶

by Shily 4 months ago

When lachy shoots the flare gun: run dun dun dun dun dun music starts playing

by ForcedFN 4 months ago

Lol my dad's been the hide and seek champ since 2004 , I still can't find him till this day

by bob Jeff 4 months ago

When you've already watched it live.

by TurbidCornet 4 months ago

And I remember how long the intro took lol

by Captain Fred 2 months ago

When Lochlyn finally realizes that trees can catch on fire. wait what????

by CT_theOG 4 months ago

Lachlan: ur lucky my aim is trash
Also Lachy: and I have some of the best aim in OCE

by Rexma 4 months ago

Imagine someone sky bases and the flare gun can't see them

by NIGHT NINJA 4 months ago

Well that there kids is deforestation

by Prats ay 4 months ago

No flame gun can find my dad with a flare gun he has been hiding for 19 years now

by Tyra 3 months ago

I watched this live but I’m watching it again for the memes

by Leo Br07 4 months ago

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