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$10,000 Random Skin Challenge in Fortnite!

Lachlan photo 1 $10,000 Random Skin Challenge in... Lachlan photo 2 $10,000 Random Skin Challenge in... Lachlan photo 3 $10,000 Random Skin Challenge in... Lachlan photo 4 $10,000 Random Skin Challenge in...

This video shouldd have been longer more skins fun to watch! :D

by Apollo 2 months ago

lachy: im not a sweat!
Also lachy: owns every skin in the game

by Garrett Gimber 2 months ago

Did anybody else notice when he got the purple tac he said “I think he had a purple pump”

by I’m a Dumbo 2 months ago

"NO IM NOT!!!!" "he got me there :( "

by Trixy011 2 months ago

Lachlan: I have every skin in the game and only use one!

Me: ._.

by Bacon Buddy 2 months ago

This classic challenge brings back so many memories 🙌🏼

by Convexted 2 months ago

“Alright let me in WOOF WOOF”- Lachy😂😂

by P Swizzle 2 months ago

Lachy : you gotta watch out for the kids in the lambos man they're mad people!
Also Lachy : 'Drives a lambo EVERY match'

by Kitty Kippenberger 2 months ago

"I remember when the hitbox was actually a fair hitbox" it never was

by Oppa 2 months ago

To the 1% who's reading this Stay safe,god bless you and have a wonderful day!e🎄

by jifs k 3 weeks ago

When Lachy’s only win is with the wrong rarity

by Reformed Enzo 2 months ago

Lachy: I think he had a purple pump
Tac: Am I a joke to you!

by Jordan M 2 months ago

the skin is actually epic I have it🤣🤣

by Psycho 2 months ago

Is nobody going to talk about how he was given the rarest lambo in the game and just crashed it

by Cheryl Kennedy 2 months ago

Lachlan: Doesn't kill the guy at the gas station

Everybody liked that

by girafen 2 months ago

Viewers:boats aren’t weapons

Lachlan:boats don’t have a rarity

by Domino Plays 2 months ago

Imagine the gas station guy is lannan or Eliot doing a vid that didn’t get uploaded

by Shadow_ Cluster123 2 days ago

wait what season is it again cuz the last time I checked pumps vaulted during that time.

by Angela Collins 1 day ago

Lachy: Imagine Missing Your Double Edit
Also Lachy: *misses double edit and gets beamed

by Ethan Lader 1 month ago

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